CHFI & Digital Forensics Tutorial [Part 1] – Basics & FTK IMAGER Lab

Hello and welcome to this new series of Student Video Tutorial. This series is basically related Digital Forensics. I will cover wide range of Digital Forensics together with Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, CHFI.

In this video, we will see FTK IMAGER and use it for Acquiring Disk Image.

Motivational Class | दौडिन नसके, हिडेर आफ्नो लक्ष्य भेटाएस | BEST Inspirational Video

Motivational Class | दौडिन नसके, हिडेर आफ्नो लक्ष्य भेटाएस | BEST Inspirational Video

This is motivational video, that forces you to never give up. Video presents different motivational and inspirational quotation written by Bijay Acharya (badda dai)

[In Nepali] NAT Test N5 | Part 1 – Japanese Language

NAT Test N5 Class, Part 1. Nepali Based Trainer Mr. Sabin Gautam

[In Nepali] Python Programming Tutorial : Pt.3 – Modes, Quotes & Comments

In this video I’ll explain about modes of programming in python, quotation in python and comments in python. By : Bijay Acharya

[In Nepali] Python Programming Tutorial : Pt.1 – Why Python ?

In Nepali, Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners. This video covers some WHY PYTHON concepts. By : Bijay Acharya

OurMine hacks video hosting service Vevo; leaks 3.12TB data online

The Self-claimed White Hat Hacking group OurMine is back in the news and this time it has targeted Vevo and released nearly 3.12TB of its internal data online. According to analysis, some of the documents released online are of sensitive nature.

 OurMine is known for targeting famous organizations’ websites or social media accounts of known celebrities to demonstrate how weak the security measures implemented by these high profile firms are. To hack Vevo and acquire such massive amount of data; OurMine hackers hijacked Okta account of a Vevo employee.

Okta is a workplace app. When the data was hacked, the group reached out to the employee and was told to “fuck off” therefore the hackers posted the data online and sent Gizmodo an email stating that they would remove the data if the company asks them to do so.

OurMine hacks video hosting service Vevo; leaks 3.12TB data online
Screenshot shared by OurMine

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Earn Money Online in Nepal [Sites by Nepali for Nepali]

Welcome, here you will get a name of site that is created for Nepali by Nepali. 

You can start earning Cash from & also you can earn points from . Later on you can convert your points to cash.

Remember, you must be registered in first. And then you can create account in

If you are not registered in, but you created account in, then your points are not counted by admin.

Earn Money Online in Nepal [Sites by Nepali for Nepali]

Earn Money Online from Nepali Social Network Site,

Earn Money Online, Nepali Social Network Site, 

Watch video below for clear understanding on how to use and earn some few money in Nepal.

Bitcoin Course Online, Cryptocurrency Technologies – 2 : How does Bitcoin work ?

– User installs Bitcoin Wallet in PC or Smartphones.
– User will get First Bitcoin Address (Later on, can be created more).
– These address can be shared with friends or any required circle of your own to send money and vice versa.

img src –

Balances – block chain
The block chain is a shared public ledger on which the entire Bitcoin network relies. All confirmed transactions are included in the block chain. This way, Bitcoin wallets can calculate their spendable balance and new transactions can be verified to be spending bitcoins that are actually owned by the spender. The integrity and the chronological order of the block chain are enforced with cryptography.
“via :”

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Bitcoin Course Online, Cryptocurrency Technologies – 1 : Let’s Start Swimming :)

Before jumping, move your eyes to image below. (searched in google)

– Well, 2013 to 2017. You got me right ?

Bitcoin ? “Cryptocurrency & Digital Payment Method, Open Source Software, First Decentralized digital currency, can be exchanged for other currencies . . . (a lot other).

– Ok, I hope your brain is getting some juice about Bitcoin now. Right ? Keep Calm, we’ll be digging deeper.

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Learn Japanese Language in Nepali [Videos Lecture in Nepali]

Welcome. You can find video lectures “Japanese Language Class” in Nepali Below. Subscribe and share.

[Youtube : Japanese Language Class in Nepali Language] 

Learn Japanese Language in Nepali [Videos Lecture in Nepali], Japanese Language class in nepali, Japanese Language lesson in nepali, Japanese Language tutorial in nepali, Japanese Language for beginners, Japanese Language for beginners nepali,  

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