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CHFI & Digital Forensics Tutorial [Part 1] – Basics & FTK IMAGER Lab

Hello and welcome to this new series of Student Video Tutorial. This series is basically related Digital Forensics. I will cover wide range of Digital Forensics together with Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, CHFI. In this video, we will see FTK... Continue Reading →

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Free Video Editing Workshop, Baba Computers Pokhara / June 2017 Session – JOIN NOW !

"Free Video Editing Workshop, Pokhara" - JOIN NOW ! ***Free I.T. Training - June 2017 Session, Pokhara*** Join "Zer0 Fee" Free #EthicalHacking, #VideoEditing & #Photoshop Workshop in #pokhara. - Organized by : Baba Computers, Pokhara - Workshop runs for 5... Continue Reading →

Free I.T. Training – June 2017 Session, Baba Computers, Newroad Pokhara

Join "Zer0 Fee" Free #EthicalHacking, #VideoEditing & #Photoshop Workshop in #pokhara. - Organized by : Baba Computers, Pokhara - Workshop runs for 5 Days (2hrs per day) - Schedule : 1) Ethical Hacking Workshop For Beginners (June 1 to 5)... Continue Reading →

Watch “[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking – Pt.13 – System Hacking, Gaining Access Phase” on YouTube In this video, I'll talk about System Hacking Phase of Ethical Hacking. Also I will show lab demo on how to use Cain and Abel for cracking user's account password in Win 7.  Watch "[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking... Continue Reading →

BABA COMPUTERS – Newroad, Pokhara 

BABA COMPUTERS - Newroad, Pokhara  Our Services :  1. Laptop/PC Repair 2. Laptop/PC parts available 3. Computer Trainings 4. Ethical Hacking Workshop/Training 5. Video Editing Training 6. Wedding Video Mixing Training 7. Photoshop Training 8. Programming Classes 9. Networking Classes... Continue Reading →

Malware Hunter : C2s Server Botnets Crawler by Shodan

Frequently Asked Questions What is malware hunter? Malware Hunter is a specialized Shodan crawler that explores the Internet looking for command & control (C2s) servers for botnets. It does this by pretending to be an infected client that's reporting back... Continue Reading →

MilkyDoor malware turns Androids into backdoors to attack enterprise networks

Routines and techniques build on those of the malware’s predecessor, DressCode. A new Android malware family is able to blend in with normal network traffic and avoid detection by encrypting its payloads, in order to access internal networks. The backdoor,... Continue Reading →

Hacked home routers are trying to brute force their way into WordPress websites

Malicious hackers are seizing control of poorly-protected home routers, and commanding them to launch attacks designed to brute force their way into WordPress websites. Security researchers at Wordfence first determined that something noteworthy was happening when they witnessed an unusual spike... Continue Reading →

Script kiddies pwn 1000s of Windows boxes using leaked NSA hack tools

Vulnerable unpatched systems expose exploitable SMB networking to world+dog. The NSA's Equation Group hacking tools, leaked last Friday by the Shadow Brokers, have now been used to infect thousands of Windows machines worldwide, we're told. On Thursday, Dan Tentler, founder of security shop... Continue Reading →

“Zero Fee” I.T. Workshop Schedule & Platforms, for June 2017 – Pokhara 

#adminhere   #update   #notice  #info   #ZeroFee  #ITworkshop    "Zero Fee" I.T. Workshop Schedule & Platforms, for June 2017 - Pokhara  > "Zero Fee I.T. Workshop refers to complete 'Zero Training Fee' only for students (School level, College +2... Continue Reading →

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