Computer Addicted [Bijay_deadbj] Nepal Born Boy

“Cigar is my fren, and Internet is my Girl Fren”_bijay_deadbj

I am Mentally Ill and that is why I am creative. “Creative people, like those with psychotic illnesses, tend to see the world differently to most. It’s like looking at a shattered mirror. They see the world in a fractured way” My thought processes are like a shattered mirror. Fragments and shards everywhere! My mind moves so quickly that I couldn’t keep up with my own thoughts. I still find comfort when I’m producing something artistic and my strengths as an individual have always been in the arts i.e.(Designing Pics,Designing Blogs and Imagination.) Mathematics I have always looked upon with horror! My mind simply cannot compute a logic behind it. Once again, I cannot live inside the normal box. I am different from my Family, frens, and this world. So I got the name Psycho.[bijay_deadbj]

“My 1st and 2nd story are Aggressive and Shocking, now 3rd story will be worst and superhit of all”_deadbj

‘I woke up one day and I
realized that the race that
I’d been running has already
finished and I’ve been left
far behind. Now, I have a
long way to go. I ran but
the path blurs and the poor
world spins madly.

I am now defeated, I am now
lost somwhere in hell. Now,

My aim is too big and that
my arms are too short to
grab it’

Hi, my name is Bijay_deadbj. I am software engineering student. And I work as a blogger nxt to my study. I am working on these blogs, totally all creations by me. HOPE YOU LIKED IT TOO.

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