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May 26, 2011

Exclusive Report : Is Department of Defense (DoD), Pentagon, NASA, NSA is Secure ?

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a series of discussions around why the U.S defense and Intelligence agencies are moving so quickly to adopt cloud computing. Are there any Security Holes in their Security ? Or has... Continue Reading →

Violent Video Games Reduce Brain Response to Violence and Increase Aggressive Behavior, Study Suggests

New research finds that the brains of violent video game players become less responsive to violence, and this diminished brain response predicts an increase in aggression. (Credit: © laurent hamels /  Scientists have known for years that playing violent video... Continue Reading →

Broadband Internet Speeds 2009-2010: The Top 10 Countries

The results of the second annual global study on the quality of broadband connections done at end of 2009 reveal that 62 out of the 66 countries analyzed had improved the quality of consumer broadband services since last year. However,... Continue Reading →

TechPark-A Neurochip That Can Communicate With Brain

The University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine scientists who proved it is possible to cultivate a network of brain cells that reconnect on a silicon chip—or the brain on a microchip—have developed new technology that monitors brain cell activity at a resolution... Continue Reading →

Security researcher finds ‘cookiejacking’ risk in IE

A security researcher in Italy has discovered a flaw in Internet Explorer that he says could enable hackers to steal cookies from a PC and then log onto password-protected Web sites. Referring to the exploit as "cookiejacking," Rosario Valotta claims... Continue Reading →

[Revised post] Computer Addicted [Bijay_deadbj] Nepal Born Boy

“Cigar is my fren, and Internet is my Girl Fren”_bijay_deadbj I am Mentally Ill and that is why I am creative. “Creative people, like those with psychotic illnesses, tend to see the world differently to most. It’s like looking at... Continue Reading →

Zuckerberg and Schmidt warn on over-regulation of web.

Zuckerberg and Schmidt warn on over-regulation of web Mark Zuckerberg stressed the internet couldn't be split into parts Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google boss Eric Schmidt have warned governments worldwide not to over-regulate the internet. Mr Zuckerberg said governments... Continue Reading →

Sony Music Japan hacked through SQL injection flaw

Another day, another attack on Sony. I reported yesterday on the SQL injection attack exposing user information on and today attackers have found flaws in The Hacker News sent us a tip this eveningdocumenting a couple of vulnerable web pages on... Continue Reading →

Computer use ‘damages children’s reading skills’

Reading ability in the US has fallen sharply in the last decade as computer use has increased. Scientists at Sweden's University of Gothenburg analysed the differences in reading achievement from nine to ten-year-olds over time in Hungary, Italy, the US... Continue Reading →

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