Report by : Bijay_deadbj

Report : No response from Facebook [FB fails Here]

Though Facebook is Leading Social Networking Site holding more than 600 million people around world, it’s drawbacks are more than we expect. Through out the world, nowdays, cyber crime is heading it’s aim to top and FB is being one of their Target. DAily dose of more than 1000’s of facebook Spam Hits Users in FB.

1) First Failure : No matter, it’s fault of Fb too ? We user, when Report some Evil Links and posts, FB confirms Report but Removal of it is just as a dream. With hope ‘it will be removed tomorrow’ I search that Spam and shocking point is ‘spam is not removed’. THis is first failure of Facebook.

2) Second Failure : Many of Fake Accounts too Are being Created as a Daily Dose. Talk about me, ‘6 Fake Account of my Frens are Roaming in Facebook’. When we report that, then Facebook automated System informs us that ‘WE RECEIVED REPORT’. But the damn thing is that, FB don’t remove that Fake Account. This is 2nd failure of Facebook.

Only aiming to have many Users of FB is not the Solution. If it wants to be in it’s Respected place, then Security Box must be

Developed. FB must not only be Serious, but it should take immediate Action against Fake Account too.

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