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June 2011

Google+ Hangouts Video Chat Could Challenge Skype

Skype might have a hard time keeping itself relevant now that Google has introduced its new video chat service embedded in Google+ called Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts boasts a slick interface, doesn't require additional downloads and best of all it's free ... if you... Continue Reading →

Can Google+ dethrone Facebook?

If any company has the chops to take on Facebook, it's Google, analysts say   Computerworld - What does it take to fell an online giant? That has to be what Google has been asking itself about social networking rival Facebook.... Continue Reading →

Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service, hit by worm

Its popularity dwarfs that of Twitter, but most people have probably never heard of the Sina Weibo micro-blogging site. Weibo is huge in China, with over 140 million users merrily micro-blogging away in Mandarin and Cantonese, and following the latest... Continue Reading →

FBI searches LulzSec suspect’s home in Hamilton, Ohio

The international investigation into the notorious LulzSec hacking gang continues, with news that FBI agents have searched a house in Hamilton, Ohio. According to local media reports, federal agents are said to have searched a teenager's home in Jackson Road, Hamilton,... Continue Reading →

Facebook song: ‘I delete them, but they add me again’

(Credit: Video screenshot by Boonsri Dickinson/CNET) One Facebook user is expressing her annoyance with the social network--not through a Facebook status update, but by posting a parody song on YouTube. One of the points Australian singer Madelaine Zammit stresses in... Continue Reading →

MySpace Sold to Ad Network for $35 Million

The day that the web has been buzzing about has finally come: MySpace has been sold, to an advertising network called Specific Media for a mere $35 million. CEO Mike Jones will be leaving the company, and it seems that... Continue Reading →

Hackers shut down Al Qaeda Net communications

Hackers have temporarily shut down Al Qaeda's online distribution of videos and statements, NBC News reported today. "Al-Qaeda's online communications have been temporarily crippled, and it does not have a single trusted distribution channel available on the Internet," Evan Kohlmann, of Flashpoint... Continue Reading →

i am a beggar hood_photoshoot_deadbj_BIJAY ACHARYA movie review

 "I AM A BEGGAR_HOOD" Nepali Documentary movie by “bijay acharya”[DEADBJ] aimed to be released on 2013-2014 A.D. 5-8 PEOPLE NEEDED FOR PLAYING SERIOUS and MOST IMPORTANT ROLE. aNYONE INTERESTED ? LET US KNOW HERE IN THIS PAGE Goal of... Continue Reading →

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Now Track the Impact of Tweets, Likes and +1s

Google is getting more social, and its web analytics tools are no exception; Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools have added new tools for tracking the impact of tweets, likes, +1s & more on your website’s traffic. Google Webmaster Tools... Continue Reading →

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