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June 2, 2011

Facebook Strikes Back at Man Who Claims Half of Zuckerberg’s Shares

Facebook has filed a legal motion against Paul Ceglia, the man whoclaims he owns 50% of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook stake. The motion is filled with new evidence that implicates Ceglia as a fraud. In its motion, Facebook requests for expedited discovery,... Continue Reading →

Facebook to Reach 700 Million Members

Facebook is on pace to surpass 700 million members, as the site continues to expand worldwide to become the preferred social network across the globe. According to Socialbakers, a Facebook statistics Web site, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based networking giant is... Continue Reading →

Sony: “No Indication” It Was Hacked by LulzSec

“We have been performing regular, thorough testing of the implemented security enhancements.  After investigating further, there is no indication that the claim by [LulzSec] is accurate at the moment,” said a Sony spokesperson in an emailed statement on June 02, 2011... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: 5 Questions About Microsoft’s New OS

This week, Microsoft revealed a little of what to expect from the next Windows operating system. With its Windows Phone look and touch - literally - and tiles everywhere, it will be a major refresh, but there's a still a number of... Continue Reading →

“The Last True Hacker” Now Selling Signed Books

The Free Software Foundation is has launched second editions of two landmark publications by Richard Stallman, a.k.a. rms, “the last true hacker.” The volumes, Free as in Freedom 2.0 and Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman, 2nd Edition are both now... Continue Reading →

China Denies Involvement in Gmail Hacking Attack

The Chinese government has denied any involvement in the recent Gmail phishing attack that Google says originated in China. Google hasn’t openly accused the Chinese government of being involved in these hacking attacks; instead, it merely pointed out that the attacks originated... Continue Reading →

YouTube Adds Creative Commons Content to Video Editor

If you’re in need of B-roll for your next YouTube opus, you’re in luck. YouTube is adding tons of Creative Commons content to its video editor. The new feature goes live today at noon ET. YouTube’s editor tool, which launched last... Continue Reading →

PlayStation Store Back, Sony Finally Returns to Normal

The PlayStation Store is back, and with that, the coda to what may be the prologue to endless cyber-warfare comes to a close. Sony brought the PS Store back online last night to accolades on the official PlayStation blog, as many... Continue Reading →

Google reveals Gmail hacking, says likely from China

(Reuters) - Suspected Chinese hackers tried to steal the passwords of hundreds of Google email account holders, including those of senior U.S. government officials, Chinese activists and journalists, the Internet company said. The perpetrators appeared to originate from Jinan, the... Continue Reading →

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