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June 4, 2011

Google to abandon older browsers

Those using IE7, Safari 3, Firefox 3.5 and their predecessors to view Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites will then lose some functions. Eventually, it warned, these web services will stop working for those sticking with older browsers. The... Continue Reading →

Exclusive: CEO says hackers tried to extort data, money !

Karim Hijazi knew his nightmare was just beginning when he saw that a mysterious e-mail had arrived in his inbox at 3 a.m. on May 26 that included his e-mail password and the subject line "Let us talk." That would... Continue Reading →

13th SONY HACK : Sony Europe hacked by Lebanese hacker… Again

By my count this is unlucky hack number 13 for Sony. A Lebanese hacker known as Idahc dumped another user database at Sony Europe containing approximately 120 usernames, passwords (plain text), mobile phone numbers, work emails and website addresses. The... Continue Reading →

Infragard Atlanta, an FBI affiliate, hacked by LulzSec

In a self-titled hack attack called "F**k FBI Friday" the hacking group known as LulzSec has published details on users and associates of the non-profit organization known asInfragard. Infragard describes itself as a non-profit focused on being an interface between... Continue Reading →

French Ban Words ‘Twitter’ And ‘Facebook’ From TV, Radio

How do you say Twitter and Facebook in French? You don't say them at all. France has banned the names of both social networking sites from being spoken on radio or television, unless they are part of a news story.... Continue Reading →

Extreme Networking: App Tells You Who’s In the Room, How You’re Connected

Name: Sonar Quick Pitch: Sonar tells you who is in the room and how you’re connected. Genius Idea: Leveraging social networks for real-world connections. Some of us are naturally gifted networkers. We walk into a room of 50 strangers and giddily begin introducing... Continue Reading →

iFive: Sony Hacked Again, Gmail Scam Hit White House, Facebook Vs. Ceglia, Adobe Vs. Apple, Sales Tax Going Online

Monday's when we finally hear all about Apple's cloud services offering iCloud. We don't know much, but thanks to enterprising photographers at the Moscone West center where Apple's event will be held, we now know what the logo looks like. 1. Sony... Continue Reading →

British intelligence hacked al-Qaeda website magazine and embedded cupcake recipes

British intelligence operatives hacked into an English-language al-Qaeda online magazine and replaced an article on bomb-making instructions with garbled code from a recipe book for cupcakes,The Daily Telegraphreports.   The operation last June was aimed at disrupting efforts by the terrorist organization... Continue Reading →

Hackers go wild: An overview of recent incidents

A new burst of hacks has left companies and government organizations picking up the pieces. Earlier today, The Hacker News reported it had received a message from hacking group Pakistan Cyber Army, claiming the PCA had hacked an Acer Europe server and... Continue Reading →

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