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June 8, 2011

Twitter Automates Link Shortening for Its Web App

Twitter has announced that links shared on will be automatically shortened using the service’s URL shortener. Links of any length will be cut down to a tidy number of characters — 19, to be precise — and an ellipsis when... Continue Reading →

Kogan launches world’s first Chromebook for £269

Australian IT company Kogan has launched the world's first computer based on Google's new Chromium OS, stealing a march on PC giants Acer and Samsung, Google Chromebook products won't launch until 15th June. Tech pundits have been eagerly awaiting machines... Continue Reading →

iCloud, cloud computing services promise to change the way we use computers

Apple founder Steve Jobs announced a free service Monday that allows consumers to store vast amounts of music, video, photos and documents on the Web, one of several emerging “cloud” computing offerings that are diminishing the need for a computer.... Continue Reading →


Apple had some big announcements yesterday. Among them was the introduction of iCloud. iCloud is a new computing service which not only offers online storage, but streaming of movies, TV shows and music to computers and mobile devices. Today’s graphic is an illustrated flow... Continue Reading →

SSCC 62 – Sony, Apple malware and cloud security

Paul Ducklin of Sophos Australia joined me for the Chet Chat this week to talk about the weeks news. We also made some time at the end for the C-word (C-L-O-U-D). First we talked about the large quantity of recent... Continue Reading →

Gift card from your friend? Beware spammed out malware attack

Cybercriminals are attempting to infect email users by spamming out a malware attack, posing as a gift card from a friend. SophosLabs has intercepted a malicious spam campaign that has hit inboxes around the world, with a Trojan horse attached... Continue Reading →

Facebook changes privacy settings for millions of users – facial recognition is enabled

When Facebook revealed last year it was introducing facial recognition technology to help users tag their friends in photographs, they gave the functionality to North American users only. Most of the rest of us found the option in our privacy settings was... Continue Reading →

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