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June 20, 2011

Cyber Vigilantes Claim to Have Unmasked LulzSec Members

By Jerry Brito on June 19, 2011 Several “gray-hat” hackers are mounting an effort to unmask the persons behind Lulz Security, the group responsible for a rash of brazen attacks and breaches over the past month. Among the cyber vigilantes are The Jester (a.k.a.... Continue Reading →

Forget .com, here’s .coke

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The trusty old Internet addresses we know and love -- the .coms, .nets, .orgs -- are about to get some new competition. Global Internet regulators met Monday in Singapore to finalize rules for a major expansion... Continue Reading →

Facebook helps save woman’s life

A Florida woman who injured herself while doing laundry reached out to a Facebook group for help. WPTV reports. MORE

New web naming rules to change Internet browsing

(CNN) -- Coming soon to a website near you: dot-anything A group charged with overseeing the development of the Internet voted Monday to relax the rules on website naming conventions -- potentially triggering a virtual domain name gold rush to rival... Continue Reading →

Why some dissatisfied users are shunning Facebook

Editor's note: Blake Snow is a freelance writer and media consultant. He lives along Utah's Wasatch Mountains with his family. Contact information and published works can be found on his website. (CNN) -- There's no denying the cultural impact of Facebook. It has... Continue Reading →

The Internet of Things: Toolbox to Help Objects Communicating Via the Net

 Increasingly, the things people use on a daily basis can be connected to the Internet. An alarm clock not only rings, but can also switch on the coffee machine while turning on the light. But what is needed to ensure... Continue Reading →

Five New Hot Spots Where Medicine and Technology Will Converge

Medicine and technology are converging in patient care at a faster pace than most people realize. Space age advancements from point-of-care health technologies like telemedicine to medical robots performing surgery are fast becoming commonplace in many hospitals. What's next? Ask... Continue Reading →

‘Ultrawideband’ Could Be Future of Medical Monitoring

New research by electrical engineers at Oregon State University has confirmed that an electronic technology called "ultrawideband" could hold part of the solution to an ambitious goal in the future of medicine -- health monitoring with sophisticated "body-area networks." Such... Continue Reading →

Japanese supercomputer is fastest in the world

The Fujitsu-built K Computer in Kobe, Japan, is the fastest supercomputer in the world, according to the Top500 List of Supercomputers, to be announced today. (Credit: Fujitsu)   For the first time since 2004, a supercomputer built in Japan can... Continue Reading →

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