Facebook membership crosses 750 million

The world’s top social networking site Facebook has apparently attained 750 million members, reports Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch. Mr. Kincaid claims that he had the information from a source associated with the company.

In fact, Facebook has not revealed anything on its members’ count after the celebrated 500 million members of last year.

There have been rumors over the escalating number of members of Facebook over last several months. Some Facebook gossip blogs reported when it reached 600 million and 700 million and so on. However, it is now for the first time we hear the fastest growing social network site has received 750 million users.

Maybe, Facebook, which celebrated the 500 million count last year, will be waiting to reach at one billion mark for an official announcement. Indeed, it is certain that Facebook is growing unlike any other social networking or online communities.

Facebook started operation in February 2004. As of January 2011, the platform has 600 million users. The massive growth of Facebook in just seven years is indeed an unparallel one when compared with any other online communities.

A Harvard University graduate Mark Zuckerberg is the brain behind Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg is now looking ahead to issue IPO for his company from 2012 onwards.

It will bring around millions more bucks to the already million-dollar-worth company.


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