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June 29, 2011

Google feature now links authors to their content

Authors and other content creators will now be able to link their stories to their profile pages on Google and other sites, giving them a better chance of showing up by name in search results. Through a pilot kicking off yesterday,... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Social Media Day 2011 in a community near you

For the second year in a row, Mashable is inviting the world to "toast" to Social Media Day (SMD). Held on June 30, SMD celebrates the revolution in media and how technological advancements have helped shape the way people communicate with... Continue Reading →

China’s army creates an online war game

China already has a cyber-warfare team, so what’s their next logical step in technology assisted warfare? It’s an online war game. According to AFP, the goal of China’s online war game is to help their troops improve their combat skills and battle awareness. ... Continue Reading →

Google Guns for Facebook with Google+ Social Network

Google is trying its hand again at social networking, introducing on Tuesday a service called Google+. Currently available only to a small group of testers, its aim is to enable sharing between small groups of people.   Google+ appears to be... Continue Reading →

Best games of 2011: Half Year Report – Midweek Feature

The Hot Topic this week asks you to name your favourite game of the year so far. The reason we ask now is because it'll be exactly halfway through the year this weekend, which also seems like the perfect moment... Continue Reading →

Google launches Google+ Facebook competitor, publishes new privacy policies

The mystery of the black menu bar at the top of your Google searches this morning is solved. Apparently, it's part of gearing up for Google's latest assault on the social networking scene. Facebook's latest competitor is alive, and it's called Google+.... Continue Reading →

Sleazy subject lines spammed out with malware

Would files with names like Love-Spots.bat,, and pique your interest? If so, your behaviour could be putting your computer's security at risk. Cybercriminals are spamming out a malicious Trojan horse in large numbers right now, using a variety... Continue Reading →

Is Facebook the right place to report a crime?

Ballarat, a country town in Victoria, Australia, has made the news today thanks to social networking. Under the headline Police tell users Facebook takes the complaints, regional newspaper The Courier reports: Flyers have been sent to several police stations in the region, urging... Continue Reading →

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