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July 2011

A Brief History of Apple Not Buying Things:A Brief History of Apple Not Buying Things

And so it begins again. BGR has an exclusive scoop from an “unproven” (ooh!) source: Apple is in talks to buy Barnes & Noble, the country’s last remaining national bookseller. As BGR points out, the acquisition would get Apple B&N’s digital... Continue Reading →

Backup Your Online Data With Google Takeout

What’s one of the most frustrating things about using any online service? Getting your data out of a service. With some, that can be fairly easy. With many others, it can be difficult, if not impossible. But you should be... Continue Reading →


 COURSE HERE : COURSE BY : BIJAY ACHARYA About the Course: 1 COURSE : 5 LECTURES : 1 PROMISE ' READ IT, YOU WILL MASTER THE SECURITY By : Bijay Acharya Category:Technology and Internet » Internet Tags:internetanti spamanti hacking

Find And Create Online Courses Easily With Udemy

Have you ever wanted to take up a course, but can’t find the time to do so? What about the opposite – you wanted to create your own course, but you don’t have the marketing and financial resources to attract... Continue Reading →

Share And Receive Large Confidential Files With TitanFiles + Free Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to share a large and confidential file with your colleagues or clients but can’t find the appropriate tools to do it? While there are plenty of online services that allow you to send/receive large files, the... Continue Reading →

Spreaker: Create Your Own Internet Radio Station + Free Giveaway

In traffic jams and numerous other situations, the radio helps us pass our time. Offering us a variety of shows with creative radio jockeys, radio channels hold our attention and do not let us get bored. While listening to these... Continue Reading →

PicPlz: The Ultimate Photo Sharing Website for Computer and Smartphone Users

It seems that when developers of photo sharing websites plan their designs, they either have the computer user or the smartphone user in mind. Take Flickr for instance; it is the ideal photo sharing website for computer users where Instagram... Continue Reading →

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