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July 3, 2011

Ex girlfriend Facebook scams use shocking imagery, but spread quickly

It's turning into quite a bad weekend for Facebook with chain letters, phishing attacks and now the promise of hardcore videos being used to spread scams virally across the social network. The following messages are currently appearing very rapidly. We've had to obscure... Continue Reading →

Apple database hacked with SQL injection by Anonymous

Anonymous hackers announce on twitter that Apple can be there next target. They expose one SQL vulnerability on Apple domain with One table "Users" data. Vulnerable Link : Exposure Link : These all hacks now consider under Operation Antisec by Anonymous and Lulzsec... Continue Reading →

Texting Teens: Typing Replaces Talking [INFOGRAPHIC]

After a close encounter with a texting teen at a busy intersection recently, we wondered: Has texting taken over as the primary form of communication for today’s teens? We found our answer with this Infographic from Lab 42, which polled 500 social-networking Americans... Continue Reading →

Free Tube Hub hot sexy girls links spread on Facebook : Scam [be aware]

Beware the black booty! There's a huge trend right now for scams to spread across Facebook, using various alluring topics to get you to click. Ask yourself this. Would you be in the market for a website which offers daily... Continue Reading →

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