LinkedIn Becomes 2nd Most Popular Social Networking Site

There’s little surprise with today’s news that LinkedIn has become the second most popular social networking site behind Facebook; though it may shock you to learn who they had to beat out in order to get to number two. Until last month, MySpace had actually still held the second place spot – unbelievable for a site that you hardly ever hear about anymore.

MySpace Drops to Third Most Visited Site…for Now

According to these reports by comSocre, “most popular” actually means “most visited” and with an increase of about half a million unique visitors last month, LinkedIn (with 33.9 million unique visitors in June) has stolen the silver place position from MySpace (with 33.5 million unique visitors in June). When you look at actual active users, MySpace can still boast more with 130 million – LinkedIn reports about 115 million.

But it looks as though MySpace won’t be holding on to their number three spot for very long. Twitter is quickly gaining users (with 30.6 million visitors in June) and may outpace MySpace in the next few months. And who knows, Google+ may be soon on their heels.

Join the LinkedIn Bandwagon

What does this all mean? Well, for individuals it means to be sure you’re a LinkedIn user. Created as a site for professionals to network with others in their field, it has quickly become the go-to spot to post a resume, search for jobs, or acquire recommendations from colleagues. And for businesses, the news means pretty much the same thing: If you’re a CEO or top executive of a business, you should be on LinkedIn promoting that business to your connections, their connections and anyone that finds you online.

Get Connected with these LinkedIn Profile Tips

But just creating a profile isn’t going to get you results. Just like with other social networking sites, there are some things to keep in mind to create a successful LinkedIn profile. A few tips on creating a profile that will help you get connected:

  • Keep your profile updated with new job responsibilities, connections and recommendations. Like a Facebook page, your profile should not stay static.
  • Continue to make connections. LinkedIn’s suggestions for connections are based on those who you have already connected with and can be a great way to find old colleagues and classmates. With half a million users joining each month, you’ll surely find new connections each time you search.
  • Be sure to link to your business’s website. Make it as easy as one click for your connections to visit your company’s website to learn more.
  • Make your summary short and to the point – and written in the first person. No one wants to read a profile that your PR agency wrote for your company bio on LinkedIn. The site was designed to be a little more personal than that.
  • Upload a profile photo – it increases your credibility. People who don’t have a profile pic can be easily overlooked. Plus, if you have a common name others may be hesitant to connect without being sure it’s really you.
  • Join industry or alumni groups to build your network community and find additional connections. Groups exist for a variety of things – you’re likely to find a few to join.
  • Add a few keywords if they fit in smoothly. LinkedIn profiles are searchable through search engines, so you may come up in someone’s web results. Keywords will make that more likely.
  • Get recommendations. Again, the presence of recommendations can increase your credibility and makes it more likely to gain customers/clients through the site.

LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses to build community, find industry partners, generate leads, and keep customers informed. And it’s free! It’s easy to manage through mobile apps and it can be integrated into other tools like your blog or Twitter.

Has your business found success through LinkedIn? We’d love to hear about it.

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