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July 18, 2011

Does using Facebook put you at more risk elsewhere on the internet?

According to a recent article from the coolcats at Fast Company, "Digital Oxytocin: How Trust Keeps Facebook, Twitter Humming", the Pew Research Center has shown that the more time you spend on the internet, especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter,... Continue Reading →

Toshiba website hacked – email addresses and passwords exposed

Toshiba announced this weekend that a web server run by its US sales subsidiary had been hacked, and the email addresses, telephone numbers and passwords of hundreds of customers had been compromised. The Japanese electronics firm said that the server... Continue Reading →

Lady Gaga website stays strangely silent over database hack

A gang of hackers known as SwagSec announced at the tail end of last week that they had hacked into Lady Gaga's UK website and made off with a database of names and email addresses of fans. To prove their... Continue Reading →

‘Foreign government’ hackers steal secret Pentagon plans

The US Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has revealed that a foreign intelligence agency was behind a hack attack that stole classified information about a top secret weapons system. According to Aviation Week, the weapons system, which is under development, might... Continue Reading →

Hotmail fights back against hacked email accounts

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Hotmail users that should help in the fight against email fraudsters and spammers. It wouldn't surprise me if many of us haven't received an email which appears to come from a friend, but actually contains... Continue Reading →

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