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July 24, 2011 Hacked Again [BEST HACKERS got HACKED]

This time its a Syrian hacker. Yeah anonymous social networking site got hacked again. The deface page is still there. And it says Hacked By Th3 Pr0 & SaQeR SyRia. A facebook fan page is given in the deface page. Here is its link.

Amy Winehouse death video scams appear on Facebook

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her North London home today, making headlines around the world. Within four hours, cold-hearted scammers were taking advantage of her death on Facebook. If you see links like the following in your newsfeed, please... Continue Reading →

Oslo Bombing Video Is a Facebook Scam, Infecting 1 User Per Second [WARNING]

In light of the bombing and shootings in Norway on Friday, it’s hard to believe that scammers would take advantage of such a tragic situation. But that’s just what’s happening on Facebook today, where a bogus post claims to link you to... Continue Reading →

15 Beautiful and Creative QR Codes [PICS]

In the same way that bar codes don’t have to be boring, quick response codes can also be creative. Thanks to a 30% tolerance in readability, you can have some real fun with clever designs. Besides looking good, this can also... Continue Reading →

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