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August 2011

Computer Technology + Software = Scientists Developing Robotic Hand of the Future

Researchers at Carlos III University of Madrid's (UC3M) Robotics lab are participating in the international research project known as HANDLE. The objective of the project is to create a robotic hand that can reproduce the abilities and movements of a... Continue Reading →

Quick and Cheap Data Storage? New Multiferroic Material Is Both Electrically Charged and Magnetic

HZB scientists observe how a material at room temperature exhibits a unique property -- a „multiferroic" material with potential uses for cheap and quick data storage. Researchers at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) in close collaboration with colleagues in France and UK,... Continue Reading →

“boy who scored a goal, and was shown Red Card with No Reason”_deadbj [Bijay Acharya]

Better ‘Photon Loops’ May Be Key to Computer and Physics Advances

Surprisingly, transmitting information-rich photons thousands of miles through fiber-optic cable is far easier than reliably sending them just a few nanometers through a computer circuit. However, it may soon be possible to steer these particles of light accurately through microchips... Continue Reading →

Epson Korea hack impacts 350,000 customers

Epson Korea has been hit by a massive data breach, involving the personal information of 350,000 registered customers. Hackers broke into Epson Korea's computer systems, and stole information including passwords, phone numbers, names, and email addresses of customers who had... Continue Reading →

Hackers deface Libya’s top level domain registry with anti-Gadaffi message

With heavy fighting reaching the compound of Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi, hackers have also taken virtual arms overnight and defaced the website of domain name registry Hackers calling themselves "Electr0n" have defaced the website, the main registry which administers .ly... Continue Reading →

Bikini-clad women and photo tags aid Facebook scammers

If you're a Facebook user, please repeat after me: Facebook doesn't let you track who is viewing your profile. Third-party Facebook apps aren't allowed to do it either, and if they claim to offer the ability they are banned from... Continue Reading →

4 Tips for Keeping in Touch With Your College Student (Without Being Overbearing)

Hundreds of thousands of young people are heading off to college this time of year. Unlike previous generations, today’s students will not have to completely bid farewell to their parents — they can remain in constant contact with mom and... Continue Reading →

How Speech Recognition Is Changing Our World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Speech-recognition technology is making the world more accessible. Not only is it changing the way we use computers, but it is making our cellphones more useful and making our comes more connected. Speech recognition still has a long ways to... Continue Reading →

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