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October 2011

Computer Scientist Cracks Mysterious ‘Copiale Cipher’

 The manuscript seems straight out of fiction: a strange, handwritten message in abstract symbols and Roman letters meticulously covering 105 yellowing pages hidden in the depths of an academic archive. Now, more than three centuries after it was devised, the... Continue Reading →

Hacking Beyond Limit-‘China-based servers in Japan cyber attacks’

TOKYO A virus that infected computers at Japanese overseas diplomatic missions had been designed to send data to servers in China, a report said on Friday. The virus — Backdoor Agent MOF — has been found to have infected computers... Continue Reading →

Can Apple make more stuff in the USA?

One of the more topical discussions in Steve Jobs' biography addresses Apple's tendency to "employ" a disproportionately large number of workers in China. And that strategy has been fodder for debates on national news networks like CNN because of stubbornly... Continue Reading →

High-tech ‘fertility chip’ measures sperm count, motility

If you'd like a better understanding of what it takes for sperm to be considered fertile, go grab your measuring spoons and look at the quarter teaspoon. Roughly that amount of ejaculate should boast anywhere between 20 million and 150 million... Continue Reading →

Made in China: Country’s new supercomputer uses homegrown chips

China is stepping up its semiconductor manufacturing efforts and using domestic chips for its latest supercomputer. It's going to be interesting to see how fast China can close in on U.S. supercomputer processor makers Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. The New... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs Book Quotes: Genius or Insanity?

Steve Jobs was a man of contradictions. In Steve Jobs, a biography by Walter Isaacson, his groundbreaking ideas and spectacular technological breakthroughs run like a torrent through the book. But at the same time, on almost every page are examples of... Continue Reading →

New Social Network Combines Twitter, Blogging and Reddit

What happens if you combine Twitter-like sharing, the depth of blogging and the voting mechanics of Reddit? You might get, UberMedia’s take on social networking., which makes its public debut Tuesday, shares some similarities to Twitter’s interface, but... Continue Reading →

Wireless Insulin Pumps Exposed to Hacker Attacks

A famous security researcher proved that the embedded insulin pumps on which many diabetics rely can be accessed remotely and reprogrammed to inject a lethal dose. According to Threat Post, Barnaby Jack, a security researcher at McAfee, demonstrated the proof of... Continue Reading →

Hackers Use Social Engineering to Obtain Facebook Security Tokens

The Anti-CSRF tokens generated by Facebook and other websites that want to keep their customers protected are being targeted by cybercriminals who can use them to temporarilytake over an account. Symantec researchers did a little digging on the matter and found a... Continue Reading →

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