Google Chrome Already No. 2 Browser on Windows 7, Overtaking Firefox

IE9 vs. Chrome 14 vs. Firefox 6 and 7 in September 2011

Google Chrome is already the number two browser, ahead of Firefox, on Windows 7. Windows 7 is hardly the dominant operating system on the web, but it does indicate a larger trend. If Chrome has managed to overtake Firefox on one platform, it’s going to do it on others as well.

Microsoft has provided some data, based on Net Applications numbers, to highlight just how well Internet Explorer 9 is doing on Windows 7.

Indeed, IE9, which was launched earlier this year, is now run by 31 percent of those with Windows 7, in the US. It’s run by 22.1 percent of worldwide users.

IE9 is also available on Windows Vista, but the overall market share of the aging operating system is paltry. Windows XP doesn’t get IE9, even though it’s still the most popular operating system Microsoft’s got.

While IE9’s rise is notable, it’s not unexpected. But the Microsoft-supplied data also shows that Chrome is continuing with strong momentum.

Granted, the comparison is for browser versions, IE9 is pitted against Chrome 14, the current stable version, and Firefox 6 and 7, the stable versions available in September.

In the US, Chrome 14 marginally manages to overtake Firefox, with 12.7 percent market share compared to 12.6 percent.

But, worldwide, the gap is wider, Chrome 14’s market share is 18.1 percent, while Firefox 6 and 7 manage to only get 15.7 percent. Again, the numbers are just for Windows 7 users.

There are too many caveats to declare Chrome the number two browser just yet. Firefox 3.6 is still used by a lot of people and it wasn’t counted, for example.

What is important though is the trend which is clear, Chrome is gaining on Firefox and, in some specific cases for now, overtaking it. If the momentum holds, Chrome will overtake Firefox within months.

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