Microsoft page says IE more secure than rival browsers

IE9 receives a perfect score for security from Microsoft browser test page.

IE9 receives a perfect score for security from Microsoft’s browser test page.

(Credit: Lance Whitney/CNET)


A new Web page that tests browser security has crowned Internet Explorer 9 the most secure among the five major players. The only catch is that the page itself comes from Microsoft.

Dubbed “Your Browser Matters,” the new page checks a browser to determine how well it fares against phishing attacks and other types of socially engineered malware. The page then assigns the browser a score based on a scale of 0 to 4.

Looking at the major browsers, Internet Explorer 9 received a perfect 4 out 4, while IE8earned a 3. The latest versions of Firefox (7.0) and Google Chrome (14) took home scores of 2 and 2.5, respectively. And apparently Safari and Opera don’t even merit a grade since the page simply said it couldn’t give a score to either of those browsers.

Users can click on the “score” link to see exactly how and why the browser received its grade. Microsoft breaks down the security analysis into different questions, such as “Does the browser help protect you from websites that are known to distribute socially engineered malware?” and “Does the browser automatically block insecure content from secure (HTTPs) pages?” and then tells you if the browser got a yes or no for each one. MORE


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