The lack of encryption in insulin pumps can put lives at risk

A famous security researcher proved that the embedded insulin pumps on which many diabetics rely can be accessed remotely and reprogrammed to inject a lethal dose.

According to Threat Post, Barnaby Jack, a security researcher at McAfee, demonstrated the proof of concept at the Hacker Halted conference that recently took place in Miami.
It’s not the first time when someone uncovers the weaknesses that lie in such medical equipment, as not long ago, Jerome Radcliffe made a similar demonstration. At the time, Radcliffe remotely connected to the pump and changed the dosage and all he needed to do that was to possess the unique id of the device.

Barnaby managed to get even past that, proving that with the use of a modified antenna, an attacker can take control of the implantable insulin pump and deliver a fatal blow to its owner. He practically showed that by tuning in to the right frequency, anyone within 300 feet of the apparatus can cause serious damage.more