Doctor: Internet Addiction Could Become a Chronic Childhood Disease


helpBack in August we reported that reSTART, a rehab center for Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), was the first facility of its kind to treat the controversial diagnosis in the US.

The disorder has yet to be officially recognized, but specific symptoms have been outlined, and it’s a subject matter that continues to undergo evaluation.

Now, new research from the Kaohslung Medical University Hospital in Taiwan shows a correlation in young teens between internet addiction and other psychological disorders. According to CNN and the research report, “ADHD and hostility were linked to Internet addiction in children,” while social phobia and depression were linked to internet addiction in girls.

The researchers studied 2,293 Taiwanese students for two years, 10.8% of whom had developed an internet addiction, and scored the children based on their Internet activity. The researchers developed an addiction scale that factored in the “inability to cut back on usage, a preoccupation with online activities, and symptoms of withdrawal such as anxiety, boredom, or irritability after a few days of not going online.”

The study also deemed that boys are at higher risk for developing an unhealthy addiction, with the same conclusions holding true for those who participate in online gaming or spend more than 20 hours/week online.

While the results may seem obvious and easy to laugh off, researchers are starting to take internet addiction very seriously. The CNN article states:MORE

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