Vibrating Tattoos Could Function as Ringtones

ccording to the patent application, Nokia is proposing “a material attachable to skin, the material capable of detecting a magnetic field and transferring a perceivable stimulus to the skin, wherein the perceivable stimulus relates to the magnetic field.”

The idea is that the magnetic field would interact with the tattoo and could be employed as a ringtone of sorts — vibrating during incoming calls, when a text message is received or when the battery is running low. The Journal also notes that the patent application could manifest in a badge. Either way, the idea is to embed the phone on a person.

Such a technology has its perks: You’ll never miss another call, and people won’t have to listen to your obnoxious ringtone anymore.MORE

Image: bgrimmni/Creative Commons

Multi-word passphrases not all that secure, says Cambridge University

Cambridge UniversityThink that a passphrase of multiple, random dictionary words is as unguessable as long strings of gibberish, but easier to remember?

Research from the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge suggests that this might not be so.

While passphrases using dictionary words may not be as vulnerable as individual passwords, they may still be cracked by dictionary attacks, the research found.

Security researcher Joseph Bonneau reports, in a recent paper written with Ekaterina Shutova, that his team studied the problem by turning not to the theoretical space of choices but rather the real-life passphrases that people actually string together.

To find such a selection of passphrases, his team used data crawled from the now-defunct Amazon PayPhrase system, introduced last year for US users only.

The goal wasn’t to evaluate the security of the scheme as deployed by Amazon, Bonneau says, but rather to learn more about how people choose passphrases in general.

Amazon’s was “a relatively limited data source”, he writes, but the research results do “suggest some caution on this approach”.

In the original version of the Amazon site, passphrases had to be at least two words long. Error messages indicated when a passphrase was already in use.MORE

Cyberwar: hype or reality?

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keyboard_grenadeInternet security is a hot political topic at the moment. Governments are instrumenting changes to protect key infrastructure from both foreign and domestic network attacks.

Only last week, the White House simulated an internet attack on New York’s power grid to highlight risks and garner support for their bill called S. 2105: Cybersecurity Act of 2012.

During the UK Prime Minister’s visit to the US last week, both David Cameron and Barack Obama pledged a closer partnership on internet security issues. A joint fact sheet, released on March 14 last week, states:

As the United States and the United Kingdom continue developing joint capabilities that support our national security interests in cyberspace, we are sharing more and more incident data to help us and our allies counter advanced persistent threats.


Against the backdrop of wider internet security discussions, concerns about cyberwarfare often arise. However, thanks to liberal use of the term, and a big dollop of hype, it is very difficult to work out what cyberwar actually encompasses.more

Is the art of computer viruses dead?

[Featured]CHFI & Digital Forensics Tutorial [Part 2] – AutoSpy Case & MD5 Calculator (Video)

Stop press! The art of computer viruses may not be dead, after all.

Vancouver-based artist Bratsa Bonifacho says his latest collection of paintings has been inspired by computer malware.

One of Bonifacho’s virus paintings is titled “Horty MyParty is Weird and Coolnow”.

An unusual name, you might think, but it is apparently inspired by a number of viruses from yesteryear including VBS/Horty (which claimed to offer pornographic content of adult film star Jenna Jameson), 2002’s MyParty email worm, and the CoolNow MSN Messenger worm.


Corrupt call center workers selling your private information for pennies

[Featured] CHFI & Digital Forensics Tutorial [Part 2] – AutoSpy Case & MD5 Calculator (Video)

Thief with secrets image courtesy of ShutterstockAccording to the Daily Mail an undercover investigation in India has uncovered that some call center workers have been selling confidential information on nearly 500,000 Britons.

Undercover reporters from The Sunday Times met with two individuals who claimed to be IT workers who offered to provide them with 45 different types of data gathered from the victims.

Information offered up included names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card details (including CCV/CVV codes and expiration dates).

The reporters allege they could purchase the records for as little as 2 pence apiece ($0.03 USD). One of the IT workersthieves bragged:

"These [pieces of data] are ones that have been sold to somebody already. This is Barclays, this is Halifax, this is Lloyds TSB. We’ve been dealing so long we can tell the bank by just the card number."more

Neta Chor Vayo Vane (Part 1)

“Neta Chor Vayo Vane . . .”

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Creator : Bijay Acharya (DEADBJ)

Story : “Facebook Screen Captured Video, where people posted their views via their comments. Status and Comments in the account is about current situation of Nepal and people reacting to it.’

Points to be captured :
“Government is not the solution to our problem”

“New Nepal getting worse incomparision to OLD”

“Stop punishing Smokers. Start to destroy Cigarette Factory”

“Stop Beating Driver after Accident,you are not the judge or police. Rather be fast and call Police.Till the arrival of police,control the vehicle,driver and situation. That’s the true Courage.That’s the True Humanity”
Warning : “This Video is not for Violation and Illegal sharing is not allowed”

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Bijay Acharya (DEADBJ)

“Presentation By “DEADBJ QUOTES” 🙂

How Anonymous spied on FBI / UK Police hacking investigation conference call


Conference call spy image from Shutterstock

Conference call spy image from ShutterstockLast month, we reported how a conference call, between the FBI and Scotland Yard, discussing their investigation into Anonymous hackers had been secretly recorded by the hacking collective and published on the net.

We surmised at the time that the unknown hackers might have secretly accessed the call by compromising a police investigator’s email account, as the call-in details and passcode were posted by Anonymous on their usual dumping ground – the PasteBin website.

Conference call email, republished by Anonymous

Conference call email, republished by AnonymousYesterday’s announcement by the FBI about the prominent LulzSec hacker Sabu, and other alleged hacktivists, has revealed more details about what actually happened.

According to an FBI press release, a Garda (Irish police) officer who was invited to attend the conference call about ongoing hacking investigations forwarded the message to a personal email account.

Unfortunately, that personal email account was compromised by a hacker.MORE

Top IT skills wanted for 2012

Nearly 29 percent of the 353 IT executives who were polled in Computerworld’s annual Forecast survey said they plan to increase IT staffing through next summer. (That’s up from 23% in the 2010 survey and 20% in the 2009 survey.)

Here are the skills that the IT executives say they will be hiring for:

  1. Programming and Application Development–61% plan to hire for this skill in the next 12 months, up from 44% in the 2010 survey. This covers the gamut from website development to upgrading internal systems and meeting the needs of mobile users.
  2. Project Management (but with a twist)– The twist is that they’re not going to just be looking for people who can oversee and monitor projects. They also want people who can identify users’ needs and translate them for the IT staffers-the increasingly popular business analysts.
  3. Help Desk/Technical Support–Mobile operating systems have added a new dimension to help desk and tech support.
  4. Networking-This demand is being fueled partially by virtualization and cloud computing projects. The survey also revealed that execs will be looking for people with VMware and Citrix experience.
  5. Business Intelligence-Computerworld interprets this uptick to a focus shift in many companies,  from cost savings to investing in technology. That will be nice if it pans out that way.
  6. Data Center-Virtualization and the Cloud could also be behind the increased need for IT professionals with backgrounds in data center operations and systems integration.
  7. Web 2.0-Tech skills centered around social media will be in demand, with .Net, AJAX and PHP as key back-end skills, with HTML, XML, CSS, Flash and Javascript, among others, on the front end.
  8. Security-Although down from 32 percent in the 2010 survey, security stays a top concern of IT executives.
  9. Telecommunications-The survey indicates a demand for people with IP telephony skills, and for those familiar with Cisco IPCC call center systems.MORE

A Day in the Life of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Internet is, by most scientific estimates, friggin’ huge.

While only about one-third of the world’s population is connected, the amount of data we generate and consume is likely to blow your hair back. Perhaps the best way to put all those petabytes in perspective is to look at what goes down in a single day.

How much “stuff” happens on the Internet every 24 hours? Would you believe that 294 billion emails are sent? That 2 million blog posts are written? That 864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube alone? How am I supposed to watch all of that when I’m only on season one of Downton Abbey?

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“Letter to Brother”

 “Letter to Brother”
Written By : Bijay Acharya(DEADBJ)

“It was my mistake & will remain as mistake”
“I am realizing that the greatest courage ever is to say ‘SORRY’ when we are wrong” :- DEADBJ

Hello Bro,
Hope you are fine. Had been almost 1 year, neither I called you nor spoken with you. You were never wrong. It was me,’shit’ and all those words ‘AZIPAL’ fits to describe me. ?
Memories are roaming around. And though I have realised that ‘It was my mistake’, I can’t even shout single ‘S’ of sorry. Yes Bro, I am coward. So I think, ‘It will remain as Mistake’.

‘Azipal :- Idiot’

Last word was, ‘ I am coming home by tomorrow’. And till from then, I am turning my back to you. As you are my junior brother, I always underestimated you, I always thought that you are not good as me. But I was wrong my brother. And I am wrong.

You were/are always far more talented than me . Certificates in your bag, poems in your notes, distinctions in your exams. All points to a perfect person.

“It’s not about who you are, it’s about what you have in”

Bro, I don’t know this. But I was told by someone that ‘you cried a lot in a room. Dad too cried with you’. It was your exam time and I was giving shit problems to you, and whole family.

It pinches bro, when I remember those words, ‘ dad cried, brother cried in a room’. ? It’s difficult to present Mom’s situation here. ?

You and dad are far more courageous than me, strong than me, hard worker than me. And these qualities in you people make me feel proud.

When I was in school, I never read hard. When I was in college, I never read hard. All I was doing was passing time and more seriously ruining dad’s income. But also he did much more for you and me, admitted me to foreign college for quality education, filled accounts with requested money. But now, what I did for him, you and mom. ? Well answer is , ‘I left them all, those admissions, those hopes, those aim, those love. Everything got ruined !’

Where is my Responsibility ? What am I doing ?

I think, you remember me time and again as I do. And might have thought ‘why my brother is angry with me ?’. Bro, don’t worry about me. I don’t think I can give you anything that makes change in your life. I too know that, you just want to hear ‘brother, how are you’ from me. Our dad and mom too want that. I also want that. But I present ‘sorry’ in words brother, that I can’t Face you up, look into your eyes and speak ‘Hi, how are you ?’. Don’t mark me as “AZIPAL” in your heart, and please ask with dad and mom to forgive me. In life, it will take much and more time for me to stand infront of you, dad and mom. Hope, sunrise brings that day  one-day.

These all feelings, I can’t express in front of you, dad and mom. So I am writing this Letter and going to post in World of Internet. I hope that you will found this letter one day, and forgive me.

Let the people of world read this letter, let them feel my feeling. Because, if you are not getting this letter, then these people from World of Internet will Forgive me.


Written By : Bijay Acharya(DEADBJ)

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