‘Salaa Jindagi’ (Short Movie)


Movie: Saala Jindagi (Khattam cha MU-G)

Live at : http://youtu.be/PvlBiNdrjko

News : Story Starts when 3 boys (Computer engineering) meets.
This VDO and Conversation here is related with LIFE,EDUCATION and Money.Where 1 says, Life is Khattam Mu-G, other says
“Yestai ho yar”, and Another Captures whole Story in Mobile. Watch it, and Hope, u will Like it 🙂

Voice from Director(Deadbj) : At first, I made Half an Hour of Recording, and then Edited it to around 35 min. But Later on I reduced it to around 7 min. So environment in VDO is presented in most Complicated Way, With Mixing of 2 Songs (1 hindi and Another English). Some Slow and Fast Romantic Musics are to Placed in VDO.

Recommended : (Watch each and Every Clip Carefully (u too can pause while playing). Then Give a Full Playing After That. AND WATCHERS ARE SUGGESTED TO WATCH MOVIE WITH HEADPHONE). :)))

cAST : Bijay Acharya , Bikram Paudel, Jitendra Kapar

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