Driverless Cars “Google’s Secret Project”

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Driverless Cars “Google’s Secret Project”

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All about Google’s Secret Project “Driverless Cars”

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It had been 10 yrs+ that I am in Internet Zone and doing research via it. I am Computer Engineering Student.MORE



How Skillshare Is Transforming Education as We Know It

The World at Work is powered by GE. This new series highlights the people, projects and startups that are driving innovation and making the world a better place.

Name: Skillshare

Big Idea: Provide an online hub for people to sign up to teach or attend offline classes.

Why It’s Working: Skillshare allows anyone to teach a class — and make money while doing so. Users choose to learn topics in five main categories at very little cost: creative arts, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and technology.

Skillshare, an online marketplace for learning and teaching, is entering its second year with momentum.

Since its launch in April 2011, Skillshare has grown from three to 13 team members, roped in $3.1 million in funding, expanded class offerings outside of New York City and, most recently, hosted its first conference.

The startup’s easy-to-navigate website lets anyone with specialized skills to teach a class and anyone to attend a class at very little cost — on average between $20 and $25. Some skills require multiple classes, which will cost from $50 to hundreds of dollars.MORE

Justin Bieber Confronts Baby Accuser on Twitter

Although it’s been nearly six months since Justin Bieber was falsely accused of impregnating a fan backstage at a concert, the pop superstar hasn’t quite forgotten the incident.

Bieber took to Twitter on Saturday to call out 20-year-old Mariah Yeater for claiming in October 2011 that he was the father of her child.

The tweet was sent during what Bieber calls “#RandomTwitterHour,” where he sends messages to his more than 20 million Twitter followers about anything he wants.

He tweeted a message that mentioned her by name and included a YouTube clip of Borat — a film and TV character played by actor Sacha Baron Cohen — repeating, “You will never get this. You will never get this. La la la la la.”MORE



The dream of true cybernetics — merging man with machine — just got a bit closer. Scientists at Northwestern University built a device that can send signals from the brain directly to paralyzed muscles, causing them to move by thought. This technology could help patients who have suffered spinal cord injuries regain the use of their limbs.

The work was done in rhesus monkeys, who were given a local anesthetic to block nerve activity at the elbow, which caused temporary paralysis of the hand. Before they were given the anesthetic, though, the monkeys were trained to grasp a ball, lift it and release it into a tube. The signals from their brains to their hands and arms during these activities were recorded via an electrode implanted painlessly into their brains. After many repetitions, the researchers were able to see what kinds of signals were necessary to cause the the limbs to move. It turned out that the information was encoded in only about 100 neurons.

Knowing that, the scientists designed a device, called a multi-electrode array, that was able to pick up the tell-tale signals from the 100 or so neurons, decipher them, and send them to the muscles — bypassing the anesthetized nerves.

The signals that reached the muscles made them contract, enabling the monkeys to pick up the balls almost as well as they did before they were given the anesthetic.MORE – Your photo all over Facebook? Naked? Malware campaign spammed out

SophosLabs is intercepting a spammed-out malware campaign, pretending to be an email about a revealing photo posted online of the recipient.

The emails, which have a variety of subject lines and message bodies, arrive with an attached ZIP file ( which contains a Trojan horse.

Malicious email

Subject lines used in the spammed-out malware campaign include:

  • RE:Check the attachment you have to react somehow to this picture
  • FW:Check the attachment you have to react somehow to this picture
  • RE:You HAVE to check this photo in attachment man
  • RE:They killed your privacy man your photo is all over facebook! NAKED!
  • RE:Why did you put this photo online?

Subject lines used in the spammed-out malware campaign

The message bodies contained inside the email can also vary. Here are some examples:

    • Hi there ,
      I got to show you this picture in attachment. I can't tell who gave it to me sorry but this chick looks a lot like your ex-gf. But who's that dude??.
  • Hi there ,
    I have a question- have you seen this picture of yours in attachment?? Three facebook friends sent it to me today... why did you put it online? wouldn't it harm your job? what if parents see it? you must be way cooler than i thought about you man :)))).
  • Excuse me,
    But i really need to ask you - is it you at this picture in attachment? I can't tell you where I got this picture it doesn't actually matter... The question is is it really you???.MORE

[How To] Automatically backup your WordPress blog to Dropbox

Taking regular backups of your blog is always advised to be on the safer side just in case some thing bad happens. As the blog continues to grow it’s good to back up your software and post database regularly. Usually these days most of the web hosting offer you to take backup of your site. Usually getting the latest backup from the web hosting can be a very lengthy and time-consuming process.

Dropbox is a leading and very popular cloud storage service. It allows you to share and store files over its servers. You can very easily automate the backup process of your blog using the Dropbox, just follow the simple steps to back up your blog.

So what are the things required:

Well to proceed following are the required ingredients:

  • A Dropbox account, it’s free just visit and create a new account and install their software on your system. They provide up to GB of free storage.
  • A hosted WordPress blog
  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox” a plugin from

So how to back up WordPress blog to Dropbox

Well install the plugin “WordPress Backup to Dropbox”.

  • After the installation visit under Settings >> Backup to Dropbox to set up the backup. In order to use this plugin you will need to authorized it with your Dropbox account.
  • Authenticate dropboxJust login to your Dropbox account and click Authorize on the settings page of your blog.Clicking on the Authorize button will open a new window simply authenticate the plugin to use Dropbox.


Hurt ex gets six months for posting girl’s nude pics on Facebook

(Credit: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

So many have experienced the pain.

She tells you she’s leaving. She tells you she’s taking her pots, her pans, and all her “Twilight” tomes.

You weep. You plug Nilsson’s “Without You” into your ears on permanent play. If it’s frightfully unexpected, your insides demand revenge.

One of the less good ideas, though, is to post nude pictures of her on his Facebook page. I mention this merely because an Australian man just got 6 months in the clinker for being something of a hurt stinker.

Ravshan “Ronnie” Usmanov, 20, posted six pictures of his ex “nude in certain positions and clearly showing her breasts and genitalia.” At least that’s was the Sydney Morning Herald’s reading of the court documents.

With less control than he might have chosen, he then e-mailed her to say “Hullo, darling. I miss you so much. Please come home.” Actually, no. What the court was told is that he wrote: “Some of your photos are now on Facebook.”MORE