Facebook bans Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has had her Facebook account disabled.

(Credit: TMZ)

Do you remember when Facebook banned Mark Zuckerberg last year? Well, here we go again. This time it’s Selena Gomez’s turn.

No, not that Selena Gomez. A girl in New Mexico with the same name tried to sign in to her Facebook account on Wednesday and was denied with the following message: “Disabled – Inauthentic Account.” She believes Facebook thinks she is breaking the rule “Impersonating anyone or anything is not allowed.”

“I AM NOT AN IMPOSTOR … My name is not hers on my page. In fact, I even put my middle name on my FB to clear up any confusion,” the banned Selena Gomez told TMZ. “I did not have one single famous friend. I did not refer to myself as [the famous Selena], and I did not have any pictures of her on my page!“MORE

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