Polar Ice चुरोटको एक पफ के तानेको थिए . . .

झिँगा भन्किएको खसी लाई नुहाई धुवाई गरेर मोःमो हाउसको दाईले मासु बेच्न सुरु गरेपछि मेरो दिन सुरु भयो । Polar Ice चुरोटको एक पफ के तानेको थिए, मेरा पिता भनौदाले फोन गरेर लेकसाईड जाने निम्तो दिए । होलीको दिन, अनि पोखराको लेकसाईड जहाँ 2nd होली फेस्ट 2069 हुँदै थियो । यो सब सोचेर मेरो मन हर्ष र उल्लासमा डुबुल्की मारेको थियो । केही झ्याप, केही फ्ल्याट नेपालका जोस र जाँगर ले भरिएका ठिटाहरु पनि देखियो, र आफ्ना केही बर्ष अघिका पल याद आयो । मन थियो बियर को घुट्की सँग आफ्ना पिडा र खुसी व्यक्त गर्न तर दुर्भाग्य बस मेरा आदरणीय पिता श्री लाई सहयोग गर्न बाध्य भए । तर जे भएपनि, सुड्डा खुसी….म खुसी….जगत खुसी….HAPPY HOLI 🙂 lol…P.X. “deadbj”

र मैले तेरो मन्दीरमा बालेको धूप देखेर मख्ख नपर्नू

ए भगवान् ! मान्छे तेरो सिर्जना होे भने धिक्कार छ तँलाई, जो कि यस्तो घटिया पात्र निर्माण गरिस । कहिल्यै तेरो रसरड्ड परिहरु र तेरो मखमल को       विस्ताराबाट फूर्सद पाईस भने एक पटक तेरो पृथ्वीमा झरेस । र मैले तेरो मन्दीरमा बालेको धूप देखेर मख्ख नपर्नू । अहंकार र आडम्वरले गनाईरहेको तेरो पृथ्वीमा धूप बालेन भने तेरो सृष्टी कूहिएर जान के बेर ? ? ?
ए भगवान् ! मान्छे तेरो सिर्जना होे भने धिक्कार छ तँलाई, जो कि यस्तो घटिया पात्र निर्माण गरिस । कहिल्यै तेरो रसरड्ड परिहरु र तेरो मखमल को विस्ताराबाट फूर्सद पाईस भने एक पटक तेरो पृथ्वीमा झरेस । र मैले तेरो मन्दीरमा बालेको धूप देखेर मख्ख नपर्नू । अहंकार र आडम्वरले गनाईरहेको तेरो पृथ्वीमा धूप बालेन भने तेरो सृष्टी कूहिएर जान के बेर ? ? ?


I like roaming in battlefield,swimming in sea of blood. I pray ghosts,play wid deamons,sleep wid vampire,sex wid GOD & pee in fuc*ing mouth of my enemies.Don’t warn me about effects of smoking, it kills ya ? Don’t give’em shit, everyone dies sooner or later. Final words,’GOD MIGHT FORGIVE, I WON’T 😀 [x.lol.x] “deadbj”

Deadbj says . . .

गञ्जागोल जिन्दगीलाइ बुझ्नु छ भने “चुरोट बाल्, धुवा सरर तानेर फोक्सो सम्म लैजा, अनि तेरा गल्ती, तेरा पिडा, तेरा लक्ष्य याद गर…..अब धुवाँ लाई सरर बाहिर फाल्दे” – deadbj

Brain-Powered Robot Helps Paralyzed Woman Take Control


Jan Scheuermann is paralyzed from the neck down, but with the help of a robotic arm controlled by her brain, she’s now able to pour herself a glass of water to drink.

Lancet Medical Journal ran a study using brain implants to control the robotic arm. Two sensors were placed in the motor cortex of her brain. Pulses of electricity inside her brain are translated into commands for the robot arm, which includes a bending elbow and wrist. In about two weeks, Scheuermann perfected the use of her new robot limb.

Scheuermann has progressively lost control over her body since she was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration 13 years ago.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Arenamontanus

Where They Make China’s Cheap Android Smartphones


A little over a year ago, 38-year-old entrepreneur Liang Liwan wasn’t making smartphones at all. This year, he expects to build 10 million of them.

Liang’s company, Xunrui Communications, buys smartphone components and then feeds them to several small factories around Shenzhen, in southern China. There, deft-fingered workers assemble the parts into basic smartphones that retail for as little as $65.

Manufacturers built about 700 million smartphones last year. But the market has taken on a barbell shape. On one side are familiar names like Apple and Samsung, selling pricey phones for $300 to $600; on the other, several hundred lesser-known Chinese brands supplied by a thousand or more small factories MORE

Chess CAPTCHA – a serious defence against spammers?

CAPTCHAs – the questions that a website asks you to answer to prove if you’re a human being or not – come in many shapes and forms.

Conventional CAPTCHA

Although they most commonly ask you to decipher some words hidden in a distorted graphic, there are more elaborate versions which can ask you tosolve some complicated mathematical calculation or ask you to add toppings to a pizza in an attempt to stop automated bots leaving spammy messages.

As a keen chess player, I was interested to see this CAPTCHA being used on an online chess forum:


Okay, so it’s not much of a challenge if you’re a chess player, but it also clearly locks out any users who do not know how to play chess. (For those of you can’t see the checkmate, the answer is upside-down at the bottom of this article – and make sure to realise that Black is playing from the bottom)

But most importantly, if a CAPTCHA system like this were to become widely-used, how tricky would it be for an automated bot to solve the puzzle?MORE

Google Offers Help to Webmasters Whose Sites Were Hacked

Google has launched a page and a set of tutorials aimed for webmasters whose site was hacked.

Specifically, Google explains webmasters how to deal with Google’s search warning that a site is dangerous, which usually appears if a hacker has infected the site with harmful code.

“Every day, cybercriminals compromise thousands of websites. Hacks are often invisible to users, yet remain harmful to anyone viewing the page — including the site owner,” claims Google on the site titled “Webmasters help for hacked sites.

Google starts with a video tutorial (above) which explains the basics of how and why sites get hacked, and then goes into more advanced territory with info on how to quarantine a site, identify its vulnerabilities and clean it up from harmful code.

How do you like Google’s latest initiative? Do you think the material is too advanced or perhaps too simple for the average webmaster? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Image credit: Google MORE

California bill would expand clout of online college courses

In the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose State University already offers massive open online courses, or MOOCs, for academic credit.

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


A California state senator plans to introduce a bill tomorrow that would make California the first state in the nation to require its public universities and colleges to award academic credit for faculty-approved online courses.

The bill, to be submitted by California Senate President Darrell Steinberg, comes as state budgets for higher education are being slashed across the U.S., resulting in fewer spots for students in courses required for graduation. Credit for online courses would help students who are unable to register for impacted classes, possibly preventing expensive extended stays in school.

“We want to be the first state in the nation to make this promise: No college student in California will be denied the right to move through their education because they couldn’t get a seat in the course they needed,” Steinberg told The New York Times. “That’s the motivation for this.”

U.S. colleges and universities have in recent years been ratcheting up their online offerings in an effort to improve graduation rates. More than 6.7 million students in the U.S. were taking at least one online course during the fall 2011 term, according to a recent survey conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group, an increase of 570,000 students over the previous yearMORE