Installing nVidia Video Card drivers

Those of us using Nvidia Chipsets… After finishing the HDD install:

Start Networking and connect to the internet.

/etc/init.d/networking start
wicd && wicd-client &

Find your card:

lspci|grep nVidia

My lspci output

Now go to nVidia Driver Downloads. Select the card that you have (as highlighted on my lspci in the above linked image), and download the driver for 32-Bit Linux TO YOUR /root DIRECTORY.

Once it’s downloaded, press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Backspace> to kill your X session.

Now type the following on the command line (Press the TAB key at <tab> for tab completion):

sh NV<tab>

And hit the <Enter> key. Run through the installer.

Now run:

apt-get install nvidia-settings

Now, when you’re back in the BT GUI, click the KDE Menu (little dragon, bottom left-hand side of the screen) and you will find Nvidia X Server Settings under the System menu.

You’re done, and X is configured to like your card!

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