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January 2015

Beyond Box Creativiy : Photoshop Training Pokhara

For Photoshop Training/Video Editing Training, in POKHARA, …call us ; 9846618997

[Step by Step Guide] Creating Free Website/Blog with Blogspot | By BIJAY ACHARYA

How to get rid of warning messages after installing R?

During startup - Warning messages: 1: Setting LC_CTYPE failed, using "C" 2: Setting LC_COLLATE failed, using "C" 3: Setting LC_TIME failed, using "C" 4: Setting LC_MESSAGES failed, using "C" 5: Setting LC_MONETARY failed, using "C" # this line is not... Continue Reading →

Xcode Archive Is Too Large

I have a Unity3D project that I've already released for iOS via Xcode. Previously the archive size was about 30-40Mb which I'm happy with. I've now changed a few things within the Unity project, and rebuilt it for Xcode. Now... Continue Reading →

How to write a database to a text file in android

I am working on a Spying application for my college project purpose. For that i have logged the Calls, Location and SMS of the device and stored them in a database. Now i want to export the contents of the... Continue Reading →

Tween camera position while rotation with slerp — THREE.js

I want to tween camera position while rotation. Here is my function: function moveAndLookAt(camera, dstpos, dstlookat, options) { options || (options = {duration: 300}); var origpos = new THREE.Vector3().copy(camera.position); // original position var origrot = new THREE.Euler().copy(camera.rotation); // original rotation... Continue Reading →

How to use column range chart with range and navigator in Highcharts?

I have a requirement to plot run history of a task in Highcharts which should show tasks run as a horizontal bar. Recently I found out that inverted option is not supported in StockChart andnavigator & rangeSelector is only available... Continue Reading →

Is there a reliable, cross-platform (on *nix anyway) way to create a temporary file on another device?

I'm trying to write a test case for some code that should iterates over a filesystem tree, but should stop if a file is on another device. In writing tests for it, I considered creating a file in /dev/shm, symlinking... Continue Reading →

How can I anchor an image to the center within an Imageview in a scrollview, in Android?

When I scroll within my Android scrollview, it scrolls down as it should. But I'd like the image within the imageview to anchor to the centre. So you always see the face of the person in the image as you... Continue Reading →

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