Ethical Hacking “A DEFENCE DIET”

 This Video Explains about :
1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking “Overview”
– Category of Hackers, Ethical Hacking, Warnings.
– Penetration Test,Testing Models
2. Revealing Asterisk
– Hacking Passwords Behind ‘dots/asterisk’ from Facebook Login Page.
3. KeyLogging Attack
– Local Attack with Software
– Recording each keystrokes of pressed keys/text
– Effective if used brilliantly
– Can be used to hack all kind of emails and passwords.
4. Phising Attack
– Fake Link Creation and Phising Users.
– Getting all login credential of targeted users.
– ‘Must Have Knowledge’ for all Internet users.
5. Virtual Lab for Hacking Research
– Detail Explanation of Requirements
– Virtual Box|VmWare Concept.
6. NMAP – Kali Linux Basics
– Network Mapper
– Some Commands
– Operating System Fingerprint
7. Cracking|Hacking Wireless Key
– Backtrack 5R3 Basics
– Reaver Tool in action

*Everything here is for awareness concept. Don’t try these methods for bad purpose. Apply these knowledge for good purpose and prepare yourself for DEFENCE from these kind of attacks.
– Bijay Acharya

*Note : I used Trial Version of Camtasia Recorder to record this video. Camtasia I downloaded from :

Image of Backtrack and Kali Linux was downloaded from :

I used Paid version of Word 2013 to create PDF shown in Video.

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