Report by : Bijay Acharya

Research Method 1 : I signed up with my facebook account for research purpose. Site automatically suggested me many new girls around my capital city, kathmandu. Then
site started bombarding me new notifications like : she sent you msg, she likes you, she visited your site. Then, some of the msg was assumed to be sent from
Kathmandu. I started talking to them in english language first. Everything was fine. Then, after some time, I started to talk them in Nepali Language. Then they were
static, means no reply.

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Research Method 2 : I then sent a sticker (Kiss) to same person & different girls, who by default was assumed to be from kathmandu. Just after few second of sending sticker, she (fake
automated robotic account) replied me with “Thank you for Kiss” Click Here For Full Report

[In Nepali] Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Mod 1 – SPY Phone as a Best Tracking Device

.This is module 1. In total there are 5 modules on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.

Objectives of this video :
– Introduction to cyber security and ethical hacking
– SPY phone in-depth-overview as a best tracking device
– Securing Mechanism for Smart Phones

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Firewall for dummies – or, what do we mean by a next-generation firewall?

Faulty firewallThe term next-generation firewall is not well defined, so it’s worth clarifying a little before we proceed.

Put simply, a next-generation firewall offers more protection than a traditional firewall as it can look inside content, rather than just blocking based on sources and destination.

A useful analogy is the postal service. A traditional firewall just looks at the address on the envelope and uses simple rules to decide what’s permitted.

A next-gen firewall can look inside the envelope to check it also doesn’t contain dangerous content. Likewise, it can have smarter rules so you can say “block all known dodgy addresses” rather than having to explicitly state “don’t allow mail from Joe the scammer at number 23 Spam Lane.” SRC

The great thing about these smart rules is that you can transfer the responsibility for keeping an updated list of dodgy addresses to your firewall vendor rather than maintaining them manually yourself.

Less than 24 hours after Google unveiled Password Alert, Security researcher devises a bypass

Less than 24 hours after Google unveiled Password Alert, Security researcher devises a bypass

A simple script exploit can take down Google’s latest anti-phishing extension, Password Alert

Google had launched its latest anti-phishing extension called Password Alert onWednesday  to protect Chrome users from phishing attacks on Google products.  However within 24 hours of releasing the new extension, a security researcher has devised a simple script exploit to bypass it.

Paul Moore, a information security consultant at UK based Urity Group has written a simple code exploit for Password Alert extension.SRC

Kali Linux Command Line Tutorials 2 – Working with Directories