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May 2015


Report by : Bijay Acharya Research Method 1 : I signed up with my facebook account for research purpose. Site automatically suggested me many new girls around my capital city, kathmandu. Then site started bombarding me new notifications like :... Continue Reading →

[In Nepali] Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Mod 1 – SPY Phone as a Best Tracking Device

.This is module 1. In total there are 5 modules on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. Objectives of this video : - Introduction to cyber security and ethical hacking - SPY phone in-depth-overview as a best tracking device - Securing... Continue Reading →

Computer & Laptop Repair Services – Taalchowk, Lekhnath

Firewall for dummies – or, what do we mean by a next-generation firewall?

The term next-generation firewall is not well defined, so it's worth clarifying a little before we proceed. Put simply, a next-generation firewall offers more protection than a traditional firewall as it can look inside content, rather than just blocking based... Continue Reading →

Less than 24 hours after Google unveiled Password Alert, Security researcher devises a bypass

A simple script exploit can take down Google’s latest anti-phishing extension, Password Alert Google had launched its latest anti-phishing extension called Password Alert onWednesday  to protect Chrome users from phishing attacks on Google products.  However within 24 hours of releasing... Continue Reading →

Kali Linux Command Line Tutorials 2 – Working with Directories

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