[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking – Part 6 : Passive Reconnaissance

‪#‎update‬ ‪#‎part6‬ ‪#‎released‬
‪#‎nhc‬ ‪#‎admin‬ here

– Learn Ethical Hacking [in nepali], Part 6 video tutorial is uploaded.

– In this video, I’ll give a lab demo on ‪#‎PassiveReconnaissance‬.‪#‎Reconnaissance‬ is a process of gathering information about target system. We will see ‪#‎Netcraft‬ & ‪#‎whois‬ in action here.

– This video series is all about Ethical Hacking. So, utilize the knowledge for security purpose and do not perform illegal activities. Stay Safe.

– Register now for NHC Forum here : http://nhc.bijayacharya.com/

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