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1) After you have surf the internet and you are about to close your browser don’t close your browser rather search a number like 220000000 in wap page and try to make call to that number. For such number ntc says “you cannot call to this number and end the call itself. Try to call that number 5/6 times and gprs get disconnected by network and you wont get charged for the gprs and close the browser .

2)Another trick goes like this, “Just surf internet without exceedind your balance, download within the limit of balane you have in your sim and after you finish surfing, just take off your battery out of your mobile and insert your sim only after 1 hour. Check the balance now, yeah you will be not deducted any.

In Nokia 5300, so basically,  number of Nokia sets would behave the same for what I am gonna describe here.Now, getting to the main thing, I browse the web via Opera Mini (Latest Version),  when I am done with browsing and want to close the session, I would rather search for a number “202000000″(nine digits) and when the search result is presented, you can click on the number to call the number without having to close the Opera Mini. The IVR shall tell you that “You cannot make call to this number ” and shall end your call by itself.  When you call, for some 3-4 times to the same number repeatedly, the gprs connection that had been kept on hold will be closed by the network itself. So you are not billed for the data usage from your cellphone.
Try it urself, and comments are welcome.

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