CEH Course Pt.1 – Footprinting

What is footprinting (information gathering) in hacking?
Footprinting is the first and most convenient way that hackers use to gather information. about computer systems and the companies they belong to. The purpose of footprinting to. learn as much as you can about a system, it’s remote access capabilities, its ports and. services, and the aspects of its security.
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Now, here is something from wikipedia,

Techniques used for Footprinting

Uses of Footprinting

It allows a hacker to gain information about the target system. This information can be used to carry out further attacks on the system. That is the reason by which it may be named a Pre-Attack, since all the information is reviewed in order to get a complete and successful resolution of the attack.

AD : Kali Linux For Ethical Hacking > Video Tutorials in Youtube >  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEG4CvuvNZdfWvG8lVEBSHJJ8O3cbtWCu


Crawling is the process of surfing the internet to get the required information about the target. The sites surfed can include the target’s website, blogs and social networks. The information obtained by this method will be helpful in other methods too.


WHOIS[3] is a web application used to get information about the target website, such as the administrator’s e-mail address and details about the registration. WHOIS is a very large database and contains information of approximately all the websites. It can be searched by domain name.

Search engines

Search engines such as Google can also be used to gather information about the target system. It depends on how well one knows how to use search engines to collect information. If used properly, the attacker can gather lots of information about a company, its career and its policies etc.


Information can also be gathered using the command Tracert (“traceroute“), which is used to trace a path between a user and the target system on the networks. That way it becomes clear where a request is being forwarded and through which devices. In Linux systems, the tracepath and traceroute commands are also available for doing traceroute operations.


SNS stands for Social Networking Sites. SNS can be used for footprinting. One method is to compile a list of employees working under the target organization and to look for their details which can again give information about the type and number of staff, systems and security measures which are installed. Websites such as Linkedin, Twitter etc. can be used to gather more information about the target. On the basis of the information gathered social networking can also be performed.

Next, you can refer to ehacking here for some of the demo on using tools for footprinting. http://www.ehacking.net/2011/03/footprinting-information-gathering.html

Want to learn in more depth about footprinting ? Refer to this site. https://mywebclasses.wordpress.com/category/ceh/ceh-02-footprinting-and-reconnaissance/

More, below are Footprinting Tools ; from (Crazylearner : http://crazylearner.org/list-of-footprinting-tools/)

  • Bigbrother

It is designed to see how network is performing in near real time from any web browser.
it display  status information as web ages or WML pages for WAP-enabled devices.

  • BiLe Suite

Itself stand for Bi-directional Link Extraction
It contains a number of PERL scripts that can be used by a Penetration Tester to aid in the enumeration phase of a test

Alchemy Network tool and Advanced Administration tool are network diagnostic Tool.

  • My IP Suite

Its combines domain-to-IP Converter , Batch Ping , Tracert , Whois ,Website Scanner and Connection Monitor as well as an IP-to-country converter into a Single Interface.

Foot printing tools for Whois Tools

(get personal details and contact Info about the domain)

  • Wikto Footprinting tool
  • Whois Lookup
  • Smart Whois
  • Active Whois
  • Lan Whois
  • Country whois and Where Is IP (Geographical location of an IP)
  • ip2 country – utiltiy for converting IP’s address to the country’s name
  • CallerIP

Use callerIP to easily see when someone has connected to the computer , report IP address , adn run a trace on that IP address

Web Data Extractor Tool (to extract the targeted company contact’s data like email, phone, fax etc)

AD : Kali Linux For Ethical Hacking > Video Tutorials in Youtube >  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEG4CvuvNZdfWvG8lVEBSHJJ8O3cbtWCu

Foot printing tools for Online Whois Tools

Foot printing tools for DNS Information Extraction Tools

  • Dns Enumerator

its an automatd sub-domain retrieval tool and it scan google to extract the result

  • Spider Foot

– it will scarpe the the website on that domain as well as search Google, Netcraft,Whois and DNS to build up information

  • Nslookup
  • http://www.dnsstuff.com – through this you can extract DNS information such as: Mail server extensions , IP addresses.
  • Domain King and Expired Domains – it enable to search through a list of expiring domain names by Keyword, domian , Character lentgh and other criteria.
  • MSR Strider URL Tracer – it enable to scan a domain name to see the third party domains that it serves content from and/or whether the site is being redirected
  • Mozzle Domain pro
  • Domain research Tool

Foot printing tools for Locating Network Range

(Finding the range of IP addreses and Discerning the subnet mask)

  • ARIN 

It allows searches on the whois database to locate information on a network’s autonomous system numbers (ASNs), network-related handles, and other related point of contact (POC)

  • Tracerroute – It reveals the path IP packets travel b/w two systems.
  • 3D traceroute – allows visually traceroute program
  • Neo Trace and Visual route trace – allows visually traceroute program
  • Path Analyzer Pro – it delivers advanced network route tracing.
  • Maltego – its used for information gathering phase of panetration testing
  • Touchgraph –  http://www.Touchgraph.com ->it allow for the creation and navigation of interactive graphs. (Ideal for organising link or mind mapping)

Foot printing tools for Mail Tracker

  • VisualRoute Mail Tracker – It shows the numbr oh hops made and the respective IP addresses, the node name,location, time zone and network
  • eMail Tracker Pro – the email analysis tootl that enables analysis of an email and its headers abutomatically, and provides graphical results.
  • Read Notifyhttp://www.readnotify.com
  • E-Mail Spiders also use for Foot printing
  • Foot printing tools for Locating Network Activity
  • GEO spider – its help you to detect,identify and monitoring your network activity onthe World map.
  • Geowhere – it handle many popular newsgroup to find answers to your queries in an easy and fast manner
  • Google Earth – its put a planet’s worth of imagery and other geo info.
  • List of Search Engine as Footprinting Tools
  • Kartto –  http://www.kartoo.com
  • Dogpilehttp://www.dogpile.com (Meta Saerch Engine)
  • Webferret – its searches the web quickly and throughly by instantly submiting the search query to multiple search engine
  • Robots.txt as for FootPrinting
  • Website Copier as for Footprinting

Prepared by : @acharya_bijay (twitter) | studentvideotutorial (Youtube)

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