“Gunaso”- Feedback via App available now !

​“Feedback are the basis for improvements”

Gunaso is an online platform that provides an easy interface to the users for posting their feedback electronically. It is an online version of the suggestion box that you typically see in organizations. Gunaso has the capabilities of not just digitizing the user feedback but also storing, organizing and analyzing the feedback. 

For organizations:

1. Collect the feedback from different stakeholders of your organization and present it to you in an organized manner.

2. Get rid of the traditional suggestion box.

3. Use NLP, Machine Learning Techniques to process the feedback. 

4. Provide interface similar to that of social media like Facebook twitter to view and analyze feedback about your organization/ product.

5. Track the user satisfaction level 

6. Provide a private and secure means to collect feedback

For users:

1. Make your voice reach the management.

2. Hide or reveal your identity based on your choice and send your complaints to the management regarding their organization, services, products etc.

3. Help improve the organization you love with your valuable feedbacks.

The major issue with organizations using the social media like Facebook and Twitter for collecting feedback is that everyone gets to know the shortcomings of the organization. For the user, the primary issue is that their comment may harm their relationship with the organization.  Gunaso is here to address these issues and at the same time help you to forward your grievances and complaints to the concerned management.
Gunaso is currently in its beta version. It freely available for 3 months. We have identified a few major organizations   for which we are collecting feedback via this application.  If you would like to subscribe to Gunaso, please feel free to contact us.
How to subscribe to Gunaso:

Organization view their feedback by subscribing to Gunaso. For the subscription, you would need to produce proper identification documents that authenticate that you are a genuine user.
How to post feedback to Gunaso:

Currently, we have made Gunaso available as a web portal as well as an Android app. You can go to the link http://www.gunaso.online and post your valuable feedback to the organization/product you care about.

Finally my review ; As a review system, google rating/review and Facebook Page rating/review is already around us. Now, with a little bit curve, Gunaso with slogan of “feedback” is available here in Nepal.  In this situation, Gunaso must go a very hard-way to get success in Nepal. Personally, I am glad to see this app. Definitely I will use it, and thumps up for developers. Hope you will do more and get more features in coming future. Best wishes.