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May 2017

Baba Computers, Newroad Pokhara

Baba Computers, Pokhara  - Now, READY !  - These pictures shows some of our products in stock.  Our Services : - Laptop/PC Repair - Parts/Accessories Sell - On demand, Laptop/PC Selling - Computer Classes (Programming, Ethical Hacking, Hardware, Photoshop, Video... Continue Reading →

Free Video Editing Workshop, Baba Computers Pokhara / June 2017 Session – JOIN NOW !

"Free Video Editing Workshop, Pokhara" - JOIN NOW ! ***Free I.T. Training - June 2017 Session, Pokhara*** Join "Zer0 Fee" Free #EthicalHacking, #VideoEditing & #Photoshop Workshop in #pokhara. - Organized by : Baba Computers, Pokhara - Workshop runs for 5... Continue Reading →

Free I.T. Training – June 2017 Session, Baba Computers, Newroad Pokhara

Join "Zer0 Fee" Free #EthicalHacking, #VideoEditing & #Photoshop Workshop in #pokhara. - Organized by : Baba Computers, Pokhara - Workshop runs for 5 Days (2hrs per day) - Schedule : 1) Ethical Hacking Workshop For Beginners (June 1 to 5)... Continue Reading →

Watch “[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking – Pt.13 – System Hacking, Gaining Access Phase” on YouTube In this video, I'll talk about System Hacking Phase of Ethical Hacking. Also I will show lab demo on how to use Cain and Abel for cracking user's account password in Win 7.  Watch "[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking... Continue Reading →

BABA COMPUTERS – Newroad, Pokhara 

BABA COMPUTERS - Newroad, Pokhara  Our Services :  1. Laptop/PC Repair 2. Laptop/PC parts available 3. Computer Trainings 4. Ethical Hacking Workshop/Training 5. Video Editing Training 6. Wedding Video Mixing Training 7. Photoshop Training 8. Programming Classes 9. Networking Classes... Continue Reading →

Malware Hunter : C2s Server Botnets Crawler by Shodan

Frequently Asked Questions What is malware hunter? Malware Hunter is a specialized Shodan crawler that explores the Internet looking for command & control (C2s) servers for botnets. It does this by pretending to be an infected client that's reporting back... Continue Reading →

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