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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Technology – Part 2 (Future of Network)

China building GFW-free cloud computing zone for tech companies and startup

Local Chinese press Southern Weekend reports that China is building a ‘cloud computing’ Special Administrative Region (SAR), a special hi-tech industrial zone for tech companies and startups to have complete, uncensored access to the Internet. The Cloud SAR is a RMB 1 billion... Continue Reading →

IT Forecast: Increasing Cloudiness

If you think cloud computing will become a major factor in IT of the future, you're not alone. With more cloud providers on the scene than ever before, plus a plethora of new mobile end user devices such as iPad... Continue Reading →

6 Questions To Ask Before Moving To Cloud Computing

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Research cloud service providers and you’ll find many large companies staking their claim on an increasingly crowded cloud market. The service provider’s reputation and how long they have been offering cloud services should trump size. Look... Continue Reading →

Birth of NEW DJ that is ‘DJ DEADBJ’_ pic Vol.2

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Birth of New DJ that is “DJ DEADBJ”


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Practical Analysis: The Great Myth Of Cloud Computing

By Art Wittmann InformationWeek June 17, 2011 03:00 PM It's like exercising and eating better: You know you should do it, yet there's always something going on that prevents you from making it a priority. Data center automation has been on the... Continue Reading →

Only thE aim iz to havE a bEEr paRty. wid LION in his oWn CAVE…deadbj

^Only thE aim iz to havE a bEEr paRty. wid LION in his oWn CAVE^...deadbj  

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