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Malaysia Is the World Leader In Theater Comfort Technology

The movie theaters in my neighborhood offer sticky floors, the over-powering smell of stale popcorn, and overpriced snacks. But in Malaysia, they offer uber-comfortablebeanbag seating—a moviegoing innovation greater than talkies, air conditioning, and cup holders. This photo was taken at Malaysia's... Continue Reading →

Neta Chor Vayo Vane (Part 1)

"Neta Chor Vayo Vane . . ." Warning : "This Video is not for Violation and Illegal sharing is not allowed" Link to Video : 'YOUr COMMENTS' (PART 1) Creator : Bijay Acharya (DEADBJ) Story : "Facebook Screen Captured... Continue Reading →

“Letter to Brother”

 “Letter to Brother” Written By : Bijay Acharya(DEADBJ) “It was my mistake & will remain as mistake” “I am realizing that the greatest courage ever is to say ‘SORRY’ when we are wrong” :- DEADBJ Hello Bro, Hope you are fine.... Continue Reading →

‘Salaa Jindagi’ (Short Movie)

  Movie: "Saala Jindagi" (Khattam cha MU-G) Live at : News : Story Starts when 3 boys (Computer engineering) meets. This VDO and Conversation here is related with LIFE,EDUCATION and Money.Where 1 says, Life is Khattam Mu-G, other says "Yestai... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Breaks Box Office Records

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 not only set a box office record for midnight showings, it absolutely shattered opening day box office records. The film grossed a jaw-dropping $92.1 million in the U.S. on Friday. That’s not only the... Continue Reading →

i am a beggar hood_photoshoot_deadbj_BIJAY ACHARYA movie review

 "I AM A BEGGAR_HOOD" Nepali Documentary movie by “bijay acharya”[DEADBJ] aimed to be released on 2013-2014 A.D. 5-8 PEOPLE NEEDED FOR PLAYING SERIOUS and MOST IMPORTANT ROLE. aNYONE INTERESTED ? LET US KNOW HERE IN THIS PAGE Goal of... Continue Reading →

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