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Malaysia Is the World Leader In Theater Comfort Technology

The movie theaters in my neighborhood offer sticky floors, the over-powering smell of stale popcorn, and overpriced snacks. But in Malaysia, they offer uber-comfortablebeanbag seating—a moviegoing innovation greater than talkies, air conditioning, and cup holders.

This photo was taken at Malaysia’s TGV Cinemas which includes the Beanieplex theater where all of the traditional folding seats have been replaced with two-person beanbag chairs for your slouching enjoyment. The idea is utterly brilliant, until you realize that two days after opening most of those seats will probably be disgustingly sticky food traps. [TGV Cinemas via The Fancy]

Neta Chor Vayo Vane (Part 1)

“Neta Chor Vayo Vane . . .”

Warning : “This Video is not for Violation and Illegal sharing is not allowed”

Link to Video :

Creator : Bijay Acharya (DEADBJ)

Story : “Facebook Screen Captured Video, where people posted their views via their comments. Status and Comments in the account is about current situation of Nepal and people reacting to it.’

Points to be captured :
“Government is not the solution to our problem”

“New Nepal getting worse incomparision to OLD”

“Stop punishing Smokers. Start to destroy Cigarette Factory”

“Stop Beating Driver after Accident,you are not the judge or police. Rather be fast and call Police.Till the arrival of police,control the vehicle,driver and situation. That’s the true Courage.That’s the True Humanity”
Warning : “This Video is not for Violation and Illegal sharing is not allowed”

Editor/Admin (of Account) :
Bijay Acharya (DEADBJ)

“Presentation By “DEADBJ QUOTES” 🙂

“Letter to Brother”

 “Letter to Brother”
Written By : Bijay Acharya(DEADBJ)

“It was my mistake & will remain as mistake”
“I am realizing that the greatest courage ever is to say ‘SORRY’ when we are wrong” :- DEADBJ

Hello Bro,
Hope you are fine. Had been almost 1 year, neither I called you nor spoken with you. You were never wrong. It was me,’shit’ and all those words ‘AZIPAL’ fits to describe me. ?
Memories are roaming around. And though I have realised that ‘It was my mistake’, I can’t even shout single ‘S’ of sorry. Yes Bro, I am coward. So I think, ‘It will remain as Mistake’.

‘Azipal :- Idiot’

Last word was, ‘ I am coming home by tomorrow’. And till from then, I am turning my back to you. As you are my junior brother, I always underestimated you, I always thought that you are not good as me. But I was wrong my brother. And I am wrong.

You were/are always far more talented than me . Certificates in your bag, poems in your notes, distinctions in your exams. All points to a perfect person.

“It’s not about who you are, it’s about what you have in”

Bro, I don’t know this. But I was told by someone that ‘you cried a lot in a room. Dad too cried with you’. It was your exam time and I was giving shit problems to you, and whole family.

It pinches bro, when I remember those words, ‘ dad cried, brother cried in a room’. ? It’s difficult to present Mom’s situation here. ?

You and dad are far more courageous than me, strong than me, hard worker than me. And these qualities in you people make me feel proud.

When I was in school, I never read hard. When I was in college, I never read hard. All I was doing was passing time and more seriously ruining dad’s income. But also he did much more for you and me, admitted me to foreign college for quality education, filled accounts with requested money. But now, what I did for him, you and mom. ? Well answer is , ‘I left them all, those admissions, those hopes, those aim, those love. Everything got ruined !’

Where is my Responsibility ? What am I doing ?

I think, you remember me time and again as I do. And might have thought ‘why my brother is angry with me ?’. Bro, don’t worry about me. I don’t think I can give you anything that makes change in your life. I too know that, you just want to hear ‘brother, how are you’ from me. Our dad and mom too want that. I also want that. But I present ‘sorry’ in words brother, that I can’t Face you up, look into your eyes and speak ‘Hi, how are you ?’. Don’t mark me as “AZIPAL” in your heart, and please ask with dad and mom to forgive me. In life, it will take much and more time for me to stand infront of you, dad and mom. Hope, sunrise brings that day  one-day.

These all feelings, I can’t express in front of you, dad and mom. So I am writing this Letter and going to post in World of Internet. I hope that you will found this letter one day, and forgive me.

Let the people of world read this letter, let them feel my feeling. Because, if you are not getting this letter, then these people from World of Internet will Forgive me.


Written By : Bijay Acharya(DEADBJ)

Video Live Here in Youtube :

‘Salaa Jindagi’ (Short Movie)


Movie: Saala Jindagi (Khattam cha MU-G)

Live at :

News : Story Starts when 3 boys (Computer engineering) meets.
This VDO and Conversation here is related with LIFE,EDUCATION and Money.Where 1 says, Life is Khattam Mu-G, other says
“Yestai ho yar”, and Another Captures whole Story in Mobile. Watch it, and Hope, u will Like it 🙂

Voice from Director(Deadbj) : At first, I made Half an Hour of Recording, and then Edited it to around 35 min. But Later on I reduced it to around 7 min. So environment in VDO is presented in most Complicated Way, With Mixing of 2 Songs (1 hindi and Another English). Some Slow and Fast Romantic Musics are to Placed in VDO.

Recommended : (Watch each and Every Clip Carefully (u too can pause while playing). Then Give a Full Playing After That. AND WATCHERS ARE SUGGESTED TO WATCH MOVIE WITH HEADPHONE). :)))

cAST : Bijay Acharya , Bikram Paudel, Jitendra Kapar

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Breaks Box Office Records

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 not only set a box office record for midnight showings, it absolutely shattered opening day box office records.

The film grossed a jaw-dropping $92.1 million in the U.S. on Friday. That’s not only the biggest opening-day draw of all time, it’s the highest-grossing single day in U.S. box office history.

Worldwide, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is also breaking box office records. The film has already grossed more than $157.5 million internationally, breaking opening-day records in the UK and Mexico.

Box Office Mojo puts the figures in perspective:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 took in 50% more on its first day than the previous Potter film,Deathly Hallows Part 1, back in November. At the time, the $61.7 million opening day was a franchise high. With 1.5x the gross, Deathly Hallows Part 2 clearly sets the record.
  • Deathly Hallows Part 2 also outstripped past films in terms of estimated attendance.
  • When you subtract the record braking $43.5 million midnight gross from the total day figures, you’re still left with $48.6 million for the rest of the day. This, in and of itself, beats the midnight free gross for every other film, with the exception of The Dark Knight (which took in $48.7 million sans midnight totals).
  • The first day ticket receipts alone beat every other weekend opening for 2011, with the exception ofTransformers: Dark of the Moon.


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The eight and final Harry Potter film is expected to easily best The Dark Knight as the biggest opening weekend of all time. In 2008, The Dark Knight took in $158.4 million in its opening weekend.

Of course, a big factor in Deathly Hallows Part 2‘s boffo ticket sales are the fact that the film was released in 3D. Although 3D tickets only accounted for 45% of the box office gross (as compared to 60% for Transformers: Dark of the Moon), the number of 3D screens available is unmatched by any other new film. Moreover, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opened in 4,375 locations and on 11,000 screens.

Warner Bros. embraced social media in a big way in the promotion of Deathly Hallows Part 2. In addition to running significant campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, the studio also reached out to fan sites and created YouTube videos to promote the film.

What did you think of Deathly Hallows Part 2? Let us know in the comments.

i am a beggar hood_photoshoot_deadbj_BIJAY ACHARYA movie review

Nepali Documentary movie by “bijay acharya”[DEADBJ]
aimed to be released on 2013-2014 A.D.


Goal of movie : To give Catchy Dailouges,Scenes, and FX effects in Nepali Cinematic Field.
Director : Bijay Acharya [deadbj]
Film Length : About 30-35 Minutes