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एनआईसी एसिया (N.I.C. Asia) बैंकको ‘स्विफ्ट ह्याक’ – करिब ४५ करोड रुपैयाँ चोरी भएको


Cyber Criminals hacked into the SWIFT System of NIC Asia Bank & Grabbed around 45 Crores !


The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment. It is also said that more than 90 percent fund transfer in the world take place by SWIFT.

Back to topic : According to latest update, 3 or 4 crore baayek aru sabai firta lyaaune process cha rey bank ko. (Tyo 3 or 4 crore chai saayed katai dekhiyeko chaina hola)

Still to follow exact update. Stay tuned.




OurMine hacks video hosting service Vevo; leaks 3.12TB data online

The Self-claimed White Hat Hacking group OurMine is back in the news and this time it has targeted Vevo and released nearly 3.12TB of its internal data online. According to analysis, some of the documents released online are of sensitive nature.

 OurMine is known for targeting famous organizations’ websites or social media accounts of known celebrities to demonstrate how weak the security measures implemented by these high profile firms are. To hack Vevo and acquire such massive amount of data; OurMine hackers hijacked Okta account of a Vevo employee.

Okta is a workplace app. When the data was hacked, the group reached out to the employee and was told to “fuck off” therefore the hackers posted the data online and sent Gizmodo an email stating that they would remove the data if the company asks them to do so.

OurMine hacks video hosting service Vevo; leaks 3.12TB data online
Screenshot shared by OurMine

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Nepal’s hacked by PakMonster


Found this in there facebook post.

Nepalian Domain Registrar Pwn3d
Hacked by Pak Monster
Team:; Pak Cyber Thunders


The hacked website acts as an official registration site for .np ccTLD domains in Nepal. Mercantile has been providing free of cost booking, renewal, DNS pointing, DNS transfer etc. for .np domains through this website.

Learn Ethical Hacking in Nepali Language here :  Student Video Tutorial in Youtube

MilkyDoor malware turns Androids into backdoors to attack enterprise networks

Routines and techniques build on those of the malware’s predecessor, DressCode.

A new Android malware family is able to blend in with normal network traffic and avoid detection by encrypting its payloads, in order to access internal networks.

The backdoor, known as MilkyDoor, has so far affected 200 unique Android apps available on the official Google Play Store. Some of those apps boast between 500,000 and one million installs. 

Hundreds of other programs, including books for children and doodle applications, have also suffered infections by MilkyDoor. It appears criminals seized most if not all of these apps, repackaged them with malware, and uploaded them to the Play Store. No doubt they thought these modified versions would still attract large numbers of downloads based upon the popularity of their parent programs.

MilkyDoor malware turns Androids into backdoors to attack enterprise networks

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​4 more ATM Hackers arrested – Kathmandu, Nepal. ATM Card बाट अनाधिकृत रुपमा रकम भुक्तानी लिने विदेशी नागरिकहरु ४९५ थान ATM Card सहित पक्राउ

Src : Nepal Police. (Also featured image from same page of Nepal Police)

घटनाको छोटकरी विवरण: विशेषगरी काठमाडौंका पर्यटकीय क्षेत्र ठमेल तथा दरबारमार्गमा पूर्वी युरोपेली राष्ट्रका नागरिकहरु नेपालका विभिन्न बैंकका ए.टि.एम. बाट अबैध रुपमा रकम भुक्तानी गरी सो रकम अमेरिकी डलर तथा युरोमा सटही गरी रकमै सहित नेपालबाट बाहिरिन सक्ने भन्ने विश्वस्त सूत्रबाट सुूचना प्राप्त हुन आएकोले त्यस्ता मानिसहरुको निगरानी राखिंदै आएकोमा नेपाल ईन्भेष्टमेण्ट बैंकबाट विदेशी जस्ता देखिने त्यस्ता मानिसहरुको हुलिया सहितको सि.सि.टि.भी. फुटेज समेत केन्द्रीय अनुसन्धान ब्यूरोमा प्राप्त हुन आएकाले शंकास्पद मानिसहरुको खोजतलास गर्ने क्रममा मिति २०७३/१२/२० गते ग्लोबल आई.एम.ई. बैंक, कान्तिपथ शाखाको ए.टि.एम. बाट नीलो टिसर्ट, मास्क लगाएको, अगाडि भिर्ने झोला बोकेको विदेशी नागरिक बाहिरिदै ठमेल संचयकोष, नरसिंहचोक हुँदै का.जि.का.म.न.पा. वडा नं. १७, क्वाबहाल, ठमेल स्थित होटल नेपालय भित्र पसेको देखिएकाले निजलाई पछ्याउँदै निजको बारेमा सो होटलको रिसेप्सनमा गई बुझ्दा रोमानिया समेतको राहदानीधारी निज मोल्दोभियन नागरिक ३२ बर्षीय Iurie Dermenji Pa र सोही होटलमा भित्र पस्दै गरेका अन्य ३ जना मोल्दोभियन नागरिकहरुलाई पक्राउ गरी निजहरु बसोबास गरेको सो होटलको कोठा नं. ३०७ र ४०७ मा खानतलासी गर्दा नेपाली रु. ७,८१,३५० तथा अमेरिकी डलर १,६०५ र युरो २,२४५, विभिन्न ए.टि.एम. कार्डहरु थान ४९५, Card Skimming Device थान-१, ल्यापटप थान-१, ए.टि.एम. बाट रकम निकाल्ने क्रममा खिचिएको सि.सि.टि.भी. फुटेजमा देखिएका टिसर्ट, सर्ट, मास्क, झोला समेत बरामद गरी मोल्दोभाका तपशीलका चारैजना मोल्दोभियन नागरिकहरुलाई कानून बमोजिम पक्राउ गरी बैंकिङ कसूर तथा सजाय ऐन अन्तर्गत अनुसन्धान कार्य भैरहेको ।

पक्राउ परेका मानिसहरु:

१. NICU DEORDIJA PA, AGE-25, PP NO. AA1018367 (MOLDOVA) तथा PP NO. 054334946 (ROMANIA)


३. IURIE DERMENJI PA, AGE- 32, PP NO. B0880204 (MOLDOVA) तथा PP NO. 051707415 (ROMANIA)

४. EUGENIU DEORIJA PA, AGE- 36, PP NO. AA1112951 (MOLDOVA) तथा PP NO. 053173673 (ROMANIA)

एटीएम ह्याक गरी पैसा निकाल्दै गरेको अवस्थामा पक्राउ – Russian Hacker named “Vosil Alex Sosnov” arrested in Kathmandu Nepal

एटीएम ह्याक गरी पैसा निकाल्दै गरेको अवस्थामा पक्राउ

काठमाडौँ, २१ चैत

काठमाडौँ महानगरपालिका–१ दरबारमार्ग स्थित ईन्भेष्टमेन्ट बैंकका एटीएम बुथ बाट एटीएम ह्याक गरी पैसा निकाल्दै गरेको अवस्थामा Russian  नागरिक ३२ बर्षीय Vosil Alex Sosnov  लाई प्रहरीले पक्राउ गरेको छ । प्रहरीले उनको साथबाट एटीएम कार्ड ५४ थान,-Pro Invent 9325  लेखिएको कार्ड एटीएम बुथमा अड्किएको अवस्थामा भेटिएको), १ हजार दरका नोट १ सय ३४ थान, ५ सय दरका नोट २७ थान, १ सय दरका ४ थान, ५० दरका नोट ९ थान गरी १ लाख ४८ हजार ३ सय ५० रुपैयाँ र मोवाइल समेत बरामद गरेको छ ।

यस सम्बन्धमा प्रहरीले आवश्यक अनुसन्धान गरिरहेको छ ।

Src ; Nepal Police 

Annapurna Post – Nepal News Website Hacked – by ./Coco

This was in March 2, 2017

Since few days, websites are being defaced in Nepal. Major target of hackers’ is Media Site of Nepal. 

Below you can get the image which shows defaced annapurnaposts’ website.

Image via : Living With ICT . COM 

Tips : Talking with my personal experience, server is being 1st target. You get to server……you get to stuffs in room ! 

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Anonymous hackers shut down Freedom Hosting II, the largest host of dark web sites

I found an interesting article via Newsfusion Cyber Security News – I thought you might like it: Anonymous hackers shut down Freedom Hosting II, the largest host of dark web sites

Mirai Botnet Source Code : Leaked Mirai Source Code for Research/IoC Development Purposes – Download Mirai Botnet Source Code

Leaked Mirai Source Code for Research/IoC Development Purposes 

Get it here ; 

AD : Digital Forensics & Ethical Hacking Tutorial Videos in youtube. (watch and review) 


This repository is for academic purposes, the use of this software is your responsibility. 

Free Ethical Hacking Workshop – Kathmandu oct 2016 “Hackers For Charity”, Hackers House

काठमाडौं मा “Hackers For Charity – NHC” अन्तर्गत पोखरा देखि ktm सम्म आयेर Oct 17, 2016 देखि सुरु भयेको “Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security” तीन दिने वोर्क्सोप आज समापन गर्न सफल भयेको छु । सर्बप्रथम, धन्येबाद चाइ RAC KTM Mid-Town लाई दिन चाहन्छु । धन्येबाद स्वोरूप, धेरै न सके पनि, केइ रकम चाइ Rtr. Alisha Rajbahak (Vice President of RAC KTM MID-TOWN for RY 2016-17) लाई हस्तान्तरण गरेको छु र सो रकम उहाँ आबद्ध रहेको RAC KTM Mid-Town Club मा जाने छ ।

तेसै गरि, RAC KTM MID-TOWN कै भाइ Rtr. Santosh Purbey, Rtr Kapil Ghimire, Rtr.Prabin Sharma र मलाइ Troubleshoot/Volunteer मा अत्याधिक सहयोग गर्ने भाइ Krishna Chalise , Pradeep Kc र Bishnu Chapagain भाइ लाई पनि धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद दिन चाहन्छु ।

-Regards : Bijay Acharya (

#nhc #CyberAware #ktmWorkshop #EthicalHacking 

ktm-workshop-by-nhc-bijay-acharya-1 ktm-workshop-by-nhc-bijay-acharya