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“Hack The Pentagon” & earn some cash.

A pilot program aims to help the US Defense Department beef up its networks by finding any vulnerabilities that could be exploited. For full news :

Less than 24 hours after Google unveiled Password Alert, Security researcher devises a bypass

A simple script exploit can take down Google’s latest anti-phishing extension, Password Alert Google had launched its latest anti-phishing extension called Password Alert onWednesday  to protect Chrome users from phishing attacks on Google products.  However within 24 hours of releasing... Continue Reading →

Kali Linux Command Line Tutorials 1 – Introduction

BEINI for WEP & WPA WPA2 Wirless key Hack (Ethical Hacking – Step by Step Guide on Most Easy Way)

Part 1 – Hacking Basics (7 STEPS IN HACKING)

How We Track Wifi Hacker

How We Track Wifi Hacker How to Track wi-fi Hackers? Got a Wi-Fi net connection ? And do you think it is secure enough ? With the onset of cyber crimes taking place,your Wi-fi may be used illegally by hackers or... Continue Reading →

Hacking website by sqlmap and backtrack.

Hacking website by sqlmap and backtrack. In this tutorial, we will learn how to Find a vulnerable Link in a website, Exploit that link by SQL Injection and taking total control over any website,This includes access to usernames and passwords database, defacing it, address forwarding... Continue Reading →

Better than BackTrack? Kali Linux offers new brand of pen-testing tools

BackTrack Linux no more. The popular open source package of penetration testing tools now has a new platform and a new name. BackTrack Linux, a specialized distribution of penetration testing tools, has long been a favorite of security specialists and... Continue Reading →

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