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अब एनसेलबाट फेसबुक चलाउन निःशुल्क, Free Facebook Ncell

(In nepali) Ethical hacking video tutorials available here in youtube ;

Ncell free net, free facebook ncell, how to use facebook free in ncell

NTC vs NCELL offer. Why NTC always fails ??? Share your ideas/view in comments. 

NTC र NCELL को अफर । अाकाश पाताल को फरक । अाखिर किन ?  Watch 3 images for data offer of NTC and NCELL. 

NTC vs NCELL offer. Why NTC always fails ??? Share your ideas/view in comments. 

[Analysis] HTTP Injector for NCELL- Top Keyword Search 2016 in


Report Prepared by : BIJAY ACHARYA 

Hello & Namaste. This report is generated depending upon the search keyword that generated traffic to my blog –

I’m speechless, by seeing the visitors interest in using Http injector only for getting free internet in Ncell. How bad users are trying to know each and every detail about http injector’s use, setting, .ehi file for ncell. Though 90% work is done by Ncell to secure its loophole, but users are unaware about the fact. If by any means, you get all settings done for ncell with http injector, then boom ! SLOW internet gift. LOL.

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Now, here are the keywords mostly searched in 2016 related to Http injector for ncell which got flow of traffic to my BLOG  (report completely depends on my blog, not external source)

  • how to use http injector – 2349
  • http injector settings – 3234
  • http injector guide – 1678
  • http injector use 2017 – 139
  • what is http injector – 123
  • free internet on ncell – 3989
  • http injector setting – 2980
  • http injector tutorial – 678
  • http injector ehi file for ncell – 4679

The post in my blog, which got maximum traffic flow with Http Injector search term is given below :

How To Use Http Injector | Http Injector Basic Guide | Http injector for ncell

Note : Do not use such files. If you find such kind of tricks or files related to ncell/ntc which is not secured, then do not take advantage of it, rather report it to related company. This will help our country grow guys. Think DEEP ! Be ethical ! Be Hero. 

Automatic – GPRS Configuration – NTC Internet Activate guide. How to activate gprs in NTC

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[In Nepali, Learn Hacking Videos – Youtube] 

Automatic – GPRS Configuration

configuring GPRS using short code 1404

Once a customer activated GPRS feature to their mobile service, they can automatically configure the GPRS setting in their handset simply via sending SMS to 1404.
For example type gprs in your message box and send it to 1404. The message may vary to different brand of mobile handset. Please read the keyword below carefully and send it to 1404.
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Free Internet in Ntc [2016]. How to use free internet in ntc nepal. Ncell free internet trick hack, ntc free internet trick hack

Note : Article after this given video.

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[In Nepali, Learn Ethical Hacking Videos – Youtube] 

1) After you have surf the internet and you are about to close your browser don’t close your browser rather search a number like 220000000 in wap page and try to make call to that number. For such number ntc says “you cannot call to this number and end the call itself. Try to call that number 5/6 times and gprs get disconnected by network and you wont get charged for the gprs and close the browser . Continue reading

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