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Simple Virus Creation – How to create it using Metasploit and msfvenom

Here is a simple tutorial on basic virus creation using Metasploit and msfvenom.

अब एनसेलबाट फेसबुक चलाउन निःशुल्क, Free Facebook Ncell

(In nepali) Ethical hacking video tutorials available here in youtube ; Ncell free net, free facebook ncell, how to use facebook free in ncell

[Analysis] HTTP Injector for NCELL- Top Keyword Search 2016 in

Report Prepared by : BIJAY ACHARYA  Hello & Namaste. This report is generated depending upon the search keyword that generated traffic to my blog - I'm speechless, by seeing the visitors interest in using Http injector only for getting... Continue Reading →

Watch “[ in Nepali ] 45 Ways to Earn Money Online – Way 2 : Create & Run BLOG” on YouTube  45 Ways to Earn Money Online - Way 2 : Create & Run BLOG" on YouTube how to earn money online, how to earn money from youtube, how to earn money online nepal, how to earn money passive money,... Continue Reading →

How the Internet works (HD)

Student Video Tutorial_ Week Zero – Python

Hi, my name Bijay Acharya & this is a student video tutorial on Python (Week Zero), based on the course 'An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python'

[How To] Automatically backup your WordPress blog to Dropbox

Taking regular backups of your blog is always advised to be on the safer side just in case some thing bad happens. As the blog continues to grow it’s good to back up your software and post database regularly. Usually... Continue Reading →

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