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BackTrack Dual Boot Installation

Installing nVidia Video Card drivers

Those of us using Nvidia Chipsets... After finishing the HDD install: Start Networking and connect to the internet. /etc/init.d/networking start wicd && wicd-client & Find your card: lspci|grep nVidia My lspci output Now go to nVidia Driver Downloads. Select the card... Continue Reading →

Install BackTrack in VMWare : How To

Install BackTrack in VMWare. Follow the basic install instructions here to get BackTrack installed in a VMware machine. Log into BackTrack. To install the VMWare drivers, the kernel source and headers need to be in place. By default in the BackTrack 4... Continue Reading →

Install BackTrack Live to USB (Unetbootin) : How To

BackTrack Live USB Install This method of getting a live install to a USB drive is the simplest available using Unetbootin. Note that we will format the USB drive and erase its contents. Plug in your USB Drive (Minimum USB... Continue Reading →

BackTrack Dual Boot Installation (XP / Vista / Windows 7) : How To

BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows (Tested on Win 7) This method of installation is the simplest available. The assumption is that the you have a Windows installation taking up all the space on your drive, and you would like... Continue Reading →

Install BackTrack to Hard Disk (Installer) – How To

BackTrack Clean Hard Drive Install This method of installation is the simplest available. The assumption is that the whole hard drive is going to be used for BackTrack. Boot BackTrack on the machine to be installed. Once booted, type in... Continue Reading →

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