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bijay acharya quotes

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​कुरा हार या जितको थिएन . . . कुरा सुख या दुखको थिएन . . . ...कुरा आत्मसन्तुष्टीको थियो,  जुन गर्हुङो, धेरै गर्हुङो हुँदै गयो । - deadbj  #deadbjQuotes

It’s about them . . .

LESSON LEARNED FROM LIFE The more I get older, the more I realize. . . >>IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM : who is older & who is younger, who is educated & who is uneducated, who is rich & who is... Continue Reading →

Buddha’s Lost Child_Inspirational Sayings Part 1

समाजले दिएको कोसेली (Buddha’s Lost Child)

जन्म, पहिलो कदम हो । मृत्यु, अन्तिम गन्तव्य हो । यो दुईबिचको सफर जिन्दगी हो ।  रिस, माया, घृणा, पैसा सब खेल हो । यो खेलमा पराजित त्यो हुन्छ, जसले सबैलाई खुसी दिन खोज्छ  . . . (समाजले दिएको कोसेली)... Continue Reading →

Buddha’s Lost Child ft. DEADBJ QUOTES

 “I always pass through problems. I asked to GOD,’how long will u play game wid me ?’, thn he replied…’unless u become a WINNER" deadbj  "Do good:be good: then ghosts will respect you. If you are going to left best, then... Continue Reading →

Try . . .

  “If you cannot come first, TRY not to be counted as last . . . If you are not loved by anyone, TRY not to be hated by all . . . If you cannot rise up, TRY not... Continue Reading →

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