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​कुरा हार या जितको थिएन . . .

कुरा सुख या दुखको थिएन . . .

…कुरा आत्मसन्तुष्टीको थियो, 
जुन गर्हुङो, धेरै गर्हुङो हुँदै गयो । – deadbj 


It’s about them . . .

its about them - deadbj sayings - deadbjquotes.blogspot.com

The more I get older, the more I realize. . .

>>IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM : who is older & who is younger, who is educated & who is uneducated, who is rich & who is poor, who is strong & who is weak.

>>IT’S ABOUT THEM : who knows how to bring smile on face of the people who lost the reason to live. IT’S ABOUT THEM, who knows how to make run those who once fell & remained behind. IT’S ABOUT THEM, who can penetrate their vision through soil & calculates it’s root.

Buddha’s Lost Child_Inspirational Sayings Part 1

समाजले दिएको कोसेली (Buddha’s Lost Child)

जन्म, पहिलो कदम हो । मृत्यु, अन्तिम गन्तव्य हो । यो दुईबिचको सफर जिन्दगी हो ।  रिस, माया, घृणा, पैसा सब खेल हो । यो खेलमा पराजित त्यो हुन्छ, जसले सबैलाई खुसी दिन खोज्छ  . . . (समाजले दिएको कोसेली)  

Quote By : Bijay Acharya



Buddha’s Lost Child ft. DEADBJ QUOTES

god replied “I always pass through problems. I asked to GOD,’how long will u play game wid me ?’, thn he replied…’unless u become a WINNER” deadbj

do good be good_deadbj quote “Do good:be good: then ghosts will respect you. If you are going to left best, then hold the courage to face worst. If you can’t give respect, then never expect it in return. No matter how long, injuries heals. What matters most is injuries of soul” : deadbj

"If you cannot be the best, try not to be the worst" deadbj
“If you cannot be the best, try not to be the worst” deadbj

Try . . .

Deadbj Quotes 

“If you cannot come first, TRY not to be counted as last . . . If you are not loved by anyone, TRY not to be hated by all . . . If you cannot rise up, TRY not to fall down . . . If you are not the best, TRY not to be the worst”