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Google+ Adds More YouTube and Chrome Features

Google announced further integration of YouTube and Chrome into its Google+ social network. The search giant made the announcement in its official Google blog on Thursday, showing how it has continued its integration of YouTube into Google+. Last summer, Google incorporated the ability to play YouTube videos... Continue Reading →

Chrome Overtakes Firefox To Become UK’s Second Most-Popular Browser

Google’s web browser Chrome is now the second most-popular browser in the United Kingdom, according to web metrics company Statcounter. Chrome’s market share has been on an upward trajectory globally, but in the UK Google’s browser has been doing exceptionally well, having... Continue Reading →

Google Chrome to Get Native Voice, Video Chat

Google Chrome will soon have voice and video chat functionality built right in, removing the need for third-party plugins and downloads, according to comments on a Google developer forum. The move will allow any third-party developer to create a real-time... Continue Reading →

Samsung unveils Chromebooks

Samsung unveiled their new Chromebooks. They announced two versions, one with Wi-fi which will cost aprox $566 and other with a UMTS module for 50+ euros. The chromebooks are powered by Intel's Atom dual-core processor N570 weighing 1.45 kg, and coming up with a HD webcam and a 12.1-inch display. Samsung... Continue Reading →

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