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Hurricane Irene clickjacking scam on Facebook

Hurricane Irene

States in the USA, such as Vermont and New Jersey, are continuing to deal with heavy flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

And we weren’t surprised to find internet scammers attempting to profit from other people’s misery.

For instance, here is a clickjacking scam which at the time of writing is still active on Facebook.

Hurricane Irene Facebook clickjacking scam

This Facebook page reads:

VIDEO SHOCK - Hurricane Irene New York kills All

All? Hmm.. that would be a rather fanciful claim even for the most sensationalist tabloid report. But maybe it will be enough to make you click further.

Hurricane Irene Facebook clickjacking scam

BAM! Too late. You’ve been clickjacked. Even before you’ve had a chance to notice that the page is suddenly talking to you in Italian, the webpage has taken your click onto what you thought was the video’s play button and secretly behind-the-scenes tricked you into saying you “Like” the page – thus promoting it to your online Facebook friends.

If you were running an add-on like NoScript for Firefox you would have been protected by a warning message:

Hurricane Irene Facebook clickjacking scam intercepted by NoScript

But let’s imagine that you weren’t protected. What happens next?

Hurricane Irene Facebook clickjacking scam

The page insists that you share the link to the Facebook page, presumably in an attempt to increase its viral spread. So far things don’t seem to be working well for the scammers – as only 12 people have said they “Like” the page (and one of those is my test account). Maybe folks are suspicious about a claim that Hurricane Irene has killed *everyone* in New York.

Hurricane Irene Facebook clickjacking scam

You’re still keen to watch the video, of course, but first the scammers want you to take an online survey – which not only asks you for personal information but also can earn them commission.

If you are hit by a scam like this you should remove the page from the list of pages that your Facebook profile likes..

Unlike Hurricane Irene Facebook clickjacking scam

..and remove it from your newsfeed, reporting it as spam to Facebook.

Remove Hurricane Irene Facebook clickjacking scam

The good news is that this particular scam hasn’t become widespread, but many others do.

If you’re a Facebook user and want to keep up on the latest threats and security news I would recommend you join the Sophos Facebook page – where more than 100,000 people regularly discuss the latest attacks.

Facebook hit by viral likejacking attack “World funniest condom commercial”

by Graham Cluley on May 31, 2011 |

CondomsMessages are beginning to spread across Facebook, tricking users into clicking on links which claim to point to the world’s funniest condom commercial.

The messages are spreading through a clickjacking scam (sometimes known as likejacking) which means that users do not realise that they are invisibly pressing that they “Like” the video when they try to play it.

A typical message looks something like the following (the actual link can change):

The World Funniest Condom Commercial message on Facebook

The World Funniest Condom Commercial - LOL
haha its really so funny ~ Dont Miss it !

The scam appears to be being perpetrated by the same gang who have been successfully spreading a “Baby born amazing effect” scam over the last several days.

Clicking on the links, which so far appear to all be hosted on blogspot.com, takes users to a webpage which urges visitors to click to watch the video.

The pages have the headline “The Funniest Condom Commercial”:

Click further at your own discretion – because the clickjacking scam is about to play its part in the scheme. If you try to play the video then you will be unwittingly saying that you “Like” the link, and sharing it with your friends. In this way the link spreads virally across Facebook.

By the way, there is a condom commercial shown at the end of this whole process, but the Argentinian TV advert is available for free on YouTube meaning that there was a way of viewing it which didn’t involve helping the scammers spread their link across the Facebook social network. (Oh, and the video is not that funny).

As regular readers of Sophos’s Facebook page will know, scams like this have been seen on far too many occasions.

Recently announced new Facebook security features were supposed to provide protection against clickjacking/likejacking schemes like this – but once again have unfortunately proven to be ineffectual.

If you were running anti-clickjacking protection, such as the NoScript add-on for Firefox, then you would see a warning message about the attempted clickjacking:

Here’s how you can clean-up your Facebook page.

Find the offending message on your Facebook page, and select “Remove post and unlike”. You could also choose to mark it as spam to alert Facebook’s security team.

Remove the entry from your Facebook page

Unfortunately that doesn’t completely remove the connection between the mischievous link and your Facebook page. You also need to go into your profile, choose Activities and Interests and remove any pages that you don’t want to “Like”.

Remove Funniest Condom page from your list of Likes

Of course, attacks like this would find it much harder to spread if folks were much more careful about the links they clicked on when using Facebook – and if Facebook’s in-built security was more effective at stopping clickjacking attacks.

If you’re on Facebook and want to learn more about spam, malware, scams and other threats, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 80,000 people.

Hat-tip: Thanks to Naked Security reader Josh for first giving us a heads-up about this clickjacking scam spreading on Facebook.

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