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Is the Internet Replacing Your Memory?

-- Google, Facebook, Internet Movie Database, and many other sources of information on the Internet are changing the way in which we remember. Whether it's an actor's name that is on the tip of your tongue, or even a loved one's... Continue Reading →

Facebook song: ‘I delete them, but they add me again’

(Credit: Video screenshot by Boonsri Dickinson/CNET) One Facebook user is expressing her annoyance with the social network--not through a Facebook status update, but by posting a parody song on YouTube. One of the points Australian singer Madelaine Zammit stresses in... Continue Reading →

i am a beggar hood_photoshoot_deadbj_BIJAY ACHARYA movie review

 "I AM A BEGGAR_HOOD" Nepali Documentary movie by “bijay acharya”[DEADBJ] aimed to be released on 2013-2014 A.D. 5-8 PEOPLE NEEDED FOR PLAYING SERIOUS and MOST IMPORTANT ROLE. aNYONE INTERESTED ? LET US KNOW HERE IN THIS PAGE Goal of... Continue Reading →

Anonymous Declares War On The City Of Orlando

The hacktivist group Anonymous may be setting its sights on the city of Orlando, Florida next, if an anonymous press release which has landed in our inbox is to be believed (see bellow). The group is threatening to take down... Continue Reading →

Now You Can Reach Out & Smack Someone On Facebook [VIDEO]

Getting frustrated with your Facebook pals? Now you can take it out on their profile pics with RageGage Connect, a goofy Facebook-aware USB gadget that you pound with your fist. Then you can post the grisly results. As you bang on... Continue Reading →

Hackers break into Tony Blair’s webmail server, disclose former PM’s address book

A hacking group known as TeaMp0isoN have published private information belonging to former Prime Minister Tony Blair. TeaMp0isoN have been in the news recently for allegedly hacking into a web site they claimed belonged to a member of LulzSec. This... Continue Reading →

LulzSec hacks Arizona police over immigration issues

The latest in a string of attacks by a hacker group known as Lulz Security (LulzSec) targeted the Arizona police today. The hackers exposed user names and personal information of law enforcement officers as well as sensitive documents housed on... Continue Reading →

The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin quits Facebook

Aaron Sorkin, the writer of The Social Network, the Oscar-winning film about Facebook, has left the social-networking site. The 50-year-old revealed he had left Facebook during a discussion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this week. The Social... Continue Reading →

Beware shortcuts for getting more followers on Twitter

There are various different ways of getting more followers on Twitter. The easiest method is to be a celebrity. It doesn't matter if you tweet anything interesting, you'll probably find a fair number of people will follow you regardless. Alternatively,... Continue Reading →

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