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Is Facebook the right place to report a crime?

Ballarat, a country town in Victoria, Australia, has made the news today thanks to social networking. Under the headline Police tell users Facebook takes the complaints, regional newspaper The Courier reports: Flyers have been sent to several police stations in the region, urging... Continue Reading →

LulzSec, Anonymous and other hacks – should I change my password?

by Paul Ducklin on June 21, 2011 | Comments (6) FILED UNDER: Data loss, Featured, Privacy, Social networks With all the data breaches in the news lately, it's hard to know whether you've been affected. You could just change all your passwords after every reported breach -... Continue Reading →, Dating Website Hacked!

Dating Website FindFriendz hacked by an indian hacker, lionaneesh and 45,000 users data got compromised. Proof: Source THN. Contact me at :

Cybercrime statistics show widespread phishing problem

The top five industries vulnerable to cybercrime include travel, education, financial services, government services and IT services, according to KnowBe4. Using the website to obtain domain names and a free data-gathering service to find publicly available email addresses, KnowBe4... Continue Reading →

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