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Beyond Box Creativiy : Photoshop Training Pokhara

For Photoshop Training/Video Editing Training, in POKHARA, …call us ; 9846618997

Eleventh convocation of Pokhara University (11th April 2014)

Eleventh convocation of Pokhara University (11th April 2014) PhotoGraphs by : Bijay Acharya Copyright : Diamond Photo (TaalChowk, Kaski Pokhara)

Buddha’s Lost Child ft. DEADBJ QUOTES

 “I always pass through problems. I asked to GOD,’how long will u play game wid me ?’, thn he replied…’unless u become a WINNER" deadbj  "Do good:be good: then ghosts will respect you. If you are going to left best, then... Continue Reading →

Try . . .

  “If you cannot come first, TRY not to be counted as last . . . If you are not loved by anyone, TRY not to be hated by all . . . If you cannot rise up, TRY not... Continue Reading →

“Do good, be good. Evil will respect you”


"जन्मने बेला रुँदै जन्मने बालक, समय को परिवर्तन सँगै हाँसेर बाच्न चाहन्छ" : BY DEADBJ

"मर्छु भनेर धाग दिने हरु, बांचेर त हेर, बाच्न झन् गाह्रो छ चुरोट पिएर रिसाउने हरु, पिएर त हेर, पिउन झन् साह्रो छ" : by DEADBJ

New Photography Site : ‘Deadbj PhotoGraphy’  

Lonely Road to Bhurjung Khola, BLACK EARTH PHOTOGRAPHY


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