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deadbj saying

"मर्छु भनेर धाग दिने हरु, बांचेर त हेर, बाच्न झन् गाह्रो छ चुरोट पिएर रिसाउने हरु, पिएर त हेर, पिउन झन् साह्रो छ" : by DEADBJ

Polar Ice चुरोटको एक पफ के तानेको थिए . . .

झिँगा भन्किएको खसी लाई नुहाई धुवाई गरेर मोःमो हाउसको दाईले मासु बेच्न सुरु गरेपछि मेरो दिन सुरु भयो । Polar Ice चुरोटको एक पफ के तानेको थिए, मेरा पिता भनौदाले फोन गरेर लेकसाईड जाने निम्तो दिए । होलीको दिन, अनि... Continue Reading →


I like roaming in battlefield,swimming in sea of blood. I pray ghosts,play wid deamons,sleep wid vampire,sex wid GOD & pee in fuc*ing mouth of my enemies.Don't warn me about effects of smoking, it kills ya ? Don't give'em shit, everyone... Continue Reading →

Buddha’s Lost Child

KILL FOR FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE & FOR AN IDEAL...AND REMEMBER, ALWAYS BE READY TO DIE FOR IT Give me strength to change the things that I can. And for those which I can't, give me a courage to face them.... Continue Reading →

“‘Definition of silence is DEATH” _ DEADBJ

The world in which I'm being playing a role of beggar, the world where silence is packed in a coffee box and is sent to dead-sea, the world where BOOK is judged by it's cover and it's contents are re-formed... Continue Reading →

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